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What is the use of a credit card

What is the use of a credit card

Credit card - this is a super-modern means of payment for goods and services. However, until now, many are wary of this loan product.

Large percentages, commissions and additional fees for the issue and annual service cards scares potential customers.

But there are also positive aspects that make credit card is a valuable financial tool.



The credit card holder is always easy andget cash quickly. Use a credit card at any point of the globe. Credit Card - a supply of money, which helps to avoid the cash gap in the family budget.


Once issued the credit card, there is no need to re-visit the bank for a loan renewal. Use the map may be freely throughout the card validity period.


The primary purpose of credit cards - this iscashless payment for goods and services. To make a purchase using a credit card can be not only in stores but also online, as well as pay for public utilities. To use the card more convenient than cash, it takes up little space and do not need to take a purse with money.


The main advantage of a credit cardGrace period. During the grace period, the bank does not charge interest on a loan granted. Within 50-60 days, it depends on the bank which received the card, you can use the money without interest.


With online banking, you can to watch out forall operations on the map, to comply with the payment schedule and choose the size of the loan payment. Mobile banking service allows you to monitor the balance of your account.


With a credit card you can not only spendmoney, but also to earn. Available Cash back credit card allows you to earn rewards in the form of bonus miles and money. Paying for goods and services, part of the money spent is returned to the personal account of the cardholder.

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