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WHAT is the trumpets of Jericho

The capture of Jericho. (Jean Fouquet miniature fragment)

"Then they sounded the trumpets, the people shouted with a loudvoice, and this wall has fallen to the ground, and the army entered the city, and they took the city "- so described in the Bible, the end of the siege of the city of Jericho, the people of Israel under the leadership of Jesus of Nun.

Where it went the expression

The phrase "the trumpets of Jericho" comes fromOld Testament. In the book of Joshua, Chapter 6, describes how on the way from Egypt to the promised land the Jews have come to a well-fortified city of Jericho. To continue your journey, the city had to take, but its inhabitants took refuge behind high and impenetrable walls. For six days the siege lasted. On the seventh day of the Jewish priests began to bypass the city, blowing trumpets. At the appointed time they supported the loud cries the other Israelites. And a miracle happened: walls collapsed from the tremors caused by the sound of the trumpet.
Not without the help of God or the laws of physics hadhas done the trick, but since then, the phrase "the trumpets of Jericho" is used as a characteristic of unusually loud, deafening voice. "Trump" - say more.


Palestinian Jericho and related fieldrepeatedly mentioned in the Bible. Ruins of the ancient biblical city still lie in the western extremity of the modern Jericho - the provincial capital of the same name. The first settlements in this land, as shown by the excavations, belong to the eighth century BC - is the oldest of the open centers is still the beginning of civilization. Jericho is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible and the events associated with its destruction. Under the Romans it was the residence of the kings, even - here dead Jewish King Herod the Great. The New Testament also tells of repeated visits to Jericho, Jesus Christ.

Legend, myth or historical fact?

As shown by the excavation of culturallayers of the 13th century BC on the site of the ancient city of Jericho was surrounded by really high double walls. Furthermore, studies using a radioactive analysis and other modern advanced techniques confirmed that the city walls of Jericho fell down almost simultaneously. The excavation also found in layers of 11-12 centuries BC traces of human habitation, which again corresponds to the biblical story. Indeed, in the book of Joshua says that after the capture of the city and the total extermination of all its citizens, Yehoshua bin Nun (Joshua) said over the ruins of a curse to all who wish to restore the rebellious city. For many centuries it lay in ruins.

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