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What is the total share ownership to the land plot

What is the total share ownership to the land plot

Real Estate, based in equityproperty owned by two or more persons. This applies to the land, the number of owner-equity owners of certain areas can sometimes number in the hundreds.

Most cases sections belonging to the categoryof agricultural land, which are specifically allocated to employee share ownership state and collective farms after their disbandment.

General share ownership of agricultural land

After the collective and state farms that existedduring the Soviet era, were disbanded in the late 80-ies of the lands occupied by agricultural land, it was decided to transfer the ownership of former collective farmers. Since these areas were used extensively before, at the time to share their meaning was not - even for a while reorganized agricultural enterprises working in the former regime. Once in Russia began exporting cheap products from Europe, the domestic agriculture became unprofitable and land are jointly owned, gradually fell into disrepair.
After a time, when it started building boom, in theThese lands located in an ecologically clean and picturesque places, pay attention to investors and developers, who have been to buy them for the construction of residential estates and individual houses. This site could be redeemed from shareholders in whole or in part, with the release of shares of individual owners.
Those. Each of the owners of this large area is entitled to apply to the collection of real estate investors with a request for its share - a land share, a right stipulated in st.252, paragraph 2 of the Civil Code. Interest holders wishing to exercise his right, is not obliged to report to the rest of the purposes for which it will use its own allocated. However, to prevent wasteful squandering farmland, recent developments in a number of legal acts of the Russian Federation provide for a restriction on the sale of these shares to third parties. But the interest holders may, if it is not going to use their own a share, lease land.

How to make the land recovered from the common shared property

shareholders meeting decision on a plan determineda place where you can distinguish the land. Land allocated to investors in the form of a share, you must define the terrain - to bring it in nature. To do this, cadastral engineer will be surveying and survey plans, under which the land will continue to be registered with the new cadastral number in the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it (the Unified State Register). The local media is placed ads that interest holders want to allocate a share and set a date for the general meeting of the owners of the land.
The project boundary plan must be approved bymeeting, and the decision made in this protocol. The meeting also signed the act of matching boundaries of the newly formed land. On the basis of the Protocol prepared by the Decree of the Administration of the municipality, within the boundaries of the land plot. The certificate on the property right to the allocation of land will receive interest holders in the territorial authority Rosreestra.

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