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What is the total revenue

What is the total revenue

No need to be a holder of a diploma in the field ofeconomic or legal sciences, a large holding company accountant to handle and use the common term "common", or other "comprehensive income".

The concept combines all absolutely without exception revenue received during the reporting period of time, regardless of how have been received, and are formed in a currency expressed.

Collectively called the income which includes allmeans the person received for a certain period of time, regardless of the income source. quarter can be taken into account for the calculation of total income, month, six months, one year (for example, when filling out tax returns annualized necessary). As a rule, it is recommended to put income derived by any person for a period called a tax year.

Total income persons

Interestingly, the concept applies to wages, andpension, and profit from any private business activities aimed at gaining income and funds resulting from inheritance, gift, insurance payments, sale of various kinds of movable and immovable property. Even loans provided by banks and other similar credit organizations, united under the phrase "comprehensive income". When calculating the total income taken to summarize the income and monetary and intangible terms, which, according to the accepted norms and rules, measured in the official prices of the state, and in the absence thereof, in established market prices.

Family gross income

On the scale of a single family totalincome is considered to be the sum of each member of the family income. In its calculation, according to the law, there is no need to mention social assistance and subsidies received from gossrtuktur, budget, expressed in the form of material assistance, child support paid for children. Such calculations are often used to classify households classified as poor and their rights to obtain all kinds of benefits and subsidies associated with numerous social support programs.

The total income of the legal entity

For companies under the total income receivedunderstand the total revenues earned by legal entities for the past period. In general, it is the product generated price indices on volumes already sold goods or services.
The main item of gross income anythe state is the income received from transfers of taxpayers registered in its territory, among other things, to the income of the country decided to attribute all sorts of transfers and transfers made by other States and various international organizations and special funds, revenues from conducting any internal activities, works and services aimed to receive funds from abroad. Under the total income in the country is considered to scale the total funds received by all its citizens, or as they are called residents.

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