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What is Marilyn Monroe syndrome

What is Marilyn Monroe syndrome

Famous people often possess anyfeatures or oddities that distinguish them from many other "stars". And some of these features are so unusual that they become entitled to any phenomenon.

It happened with a psychological problem known actress and sex symbol of the first half of the twentieth century, Marilyn Monroe - nee Norma Jeane Baker.

The problem

Psychologists say the syndrome of Marilyn Monroe suffered almost half of women in the world. It is expressed in the aversion to him, non-acceptance of self and constant fruitless search for love.
Traditionally, analysts are looking for the cause of the problemin childhood. So with the syndrome of Marilyn Monroe - it may appear in a fairly early age, if the child does not receive parental love. In this case, it starts to look for her outside. The child seeks the approval of others, wants to please everyone, get attention, admiration, recognition. He feels that is constantly in need of something, but can not find satisfaction.
Here come into confrontation two senses: feeling unworthy of love and a desire to get it. In addition, with all the well-being a person suffering from the syndrome of Monroe, will still feel like a failure.
The main features of this phenomenon are:
- Constant feeling extremely unattractive lichnostyu-
- The feeling of being a child with
- Silence, frequent emotional jumps zamknutost-
- Insane uncontrollable revnost-
- A terrible fear odinochestva-
- Understated samootsenku-
- Increased zhertvennost-
- Preference tyrants men, dependence on them-
- Hypnotic fascination preparatami-
- Increased anxiety.
Of course, all of these symptoms alone can indicate a variety of psychological problems. However, together they show a manifestation of Marilyn Monroe syndrome.
Often people with this syndrome if dependent onhard, sometimes brutal attitude. This is a kind of programming as a child, and, namely, - the absence or lack of acute love and affection from their parents, often - rather cruel treatment of them. Marilyn Monroe syndrome often develops in people receiving a child in his address many offenses of disapproval, do not feel unconditional love.

Marilyn Monroe syndrome requires careful and comprehensive treatment, because the method is extremely negative impact on a person's life.

What does Marilyn?

The fact that this phenomenon has received the name in the psychologya great American actress, recognized at the time the standard of female beauty, is not accidental. Norma Jean Baker, suffered all his life from a sense of emptiness, from the inability to feel.
Father Standards fled immediately after her birth, and her motherI gave the girl's sister, because mental disorders. However, the mother's sister, in turn, gave the girl in the orphanage. Norma Jeane had unsuccessfully tried to settle down in a foster family. She has visited more than a dozen foster homes. Actress in conversations with the therapist told her no one ever called her daughter, not embraced.
When she grew up, with menevolved by rooted in childhood program: they did not like it. She was drawn to the destructive relationship. The world famous and beloved actress saw a miserable, no matter what worthless, undeserving of love failure. And he continued to try to get to love yourself as much as possible the number of people, while rejecting those who admired her.

Marilyn Monroe of himself: "What am I? What I can do? I empty space. The empty space and nothing else. I have in my heart - the emptiness! "

Marilyn always tormented by the fear of loneliness. It was terribly jealous. I was in constant anxiety, took tranquilizers and sleeping pills. As a result, she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and died at the age of 36 years.
The sad story of Marilyn Monroe showshow dangerous can be the syndrome, especially "on the fertile soil." Be that as it may, the foreign psychologists have identified a number of peculiar "commandments" for those who suffer from the syndrome of Monroe is the development of unconditional self-love, self-esteem, self-belief, ready for new discoveries in life, the development of the ability to enjoy the most life. And yet we must pledge to be sure to win over this very complex psychological problem.

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