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WHAT statutory documents

What is the statutory documents

When you create a new organization is formed by a certain set of documents.

Such documents are called statutes.

Depending on the type of ownership of the enterprise business lists these securities may be slightly different, but there is a standard set that is in every company.

A little bit about the concept of "statutory instruments"

Statutory documents are called the constituent,since they are produced in the establishment of the organization. The concept of constituent documents made public in art. 52 of the Civil Code. According to the Russian Civil Code binding instrument in the establishment of the company's Articles of Association may be one. The rest of the evidence are very different purpose, but they also are made when creating company. Therefore, when the banking, tax and other authorities of the requesting organization in the statutory documents, it refers to the complete list.
These papers are the basis of the worklegal entity and the confirmation of its registration in all necessary instances. Statutes regulate the vital functions of the company, it spelled out the basic information about the organization, the purpose of its activities, conduct business transactions and other essential elements. Individual entrepreneurs do not have the Charter, as are guided by their own opinions and decisions are taken individually. The main IP registration document is a certificate of registration (OGRN).

Types of statutory documents

Charter - the main constituent document. It is created before the registration of the company. Make up its founders (owners) of the company, there may be several, so the Charter clearly spells out the rules for newly-made company, rights and obligations of each founder, the order of the division of profits and other important issues. Assembly of founders, as well, at the time of the founding of the joint decision appoints the head, on behalf of which will continue to operate the company.
INN - individual taxpayer in the tax code inspection. Awarded at the opening of the organization.
BIN - certificate of state registration as a legal entity. Provided Tax Inspectorate and is a confirmation of entry in the state register.
Other documents, depending on the form of ownership.

Other necessary documents for the newly created organization

The registration letter with the assignment of codes of economic activity. Gives statistics authorities.
Registration letter from the Pension Fund with the assignment of an individual employer's number, the payer of payroll taxes.
Registration letter from the Social Security Fund with the assignment of personal numbers for employers with employees.
Registration in other regulatory organizations, depending on the type of company.

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