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What is the speed of sound

What is the speed of sound

Sounding different physical objects are in solid, liquid or gaseous state.

For example, a vibrating string or blown out of the air jet pipes.

Sound - a wave oscillations of the medium,perceived by the human ear. sound sources are different physical body. Vibration source excites vibrations in the environment, which are distributed in space. Sound waves occupy a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, between infrasound and ultrasound.

Mechanical vibrations occur only wherethere is an elastic medium, so in a vacuum sound can not propagate. The speed of sound - is the speed of the passage of sound waves on the matter surrounding the sound source.

Through the gaseous medium into solid and liquidBody sound travels at different speeds. In water, sound travels faster than the air. In solids, the sound velocity is higher than in liquids. For each substance, the velocity of sound is constant. Those. speed of sound depends on the density and elasticity of the medium, not the frequency of the sound wave and its amplitude.

A sound wave can bend around Metlet. This phenomenon is called diffraction. At low diffraction sounds better than high. Here characteristic sound affect the direction of motion of the wave, but not the speed.

The formula for calculating the speed of sound in any medium-component:
c = 1 / ??? where
c - the speed of sound,
? - Density of the medium,
? - Adiabatic compressibility of the medium.
For the medium of a mixture of liquids or gases complicated formula. In practice, the lookup tables used, already containing the calculated values ​​of the velocity of sound in the various materials.

State of the environment through which the soundwave depends on many external factors: temperature, pressure, heat exchange between the various entities. Therefore, reference tables containing data about the speed of sound in various media, necessarily provided with notes on the value of the external parameters.

The speed of sound in the ambient air approximately 340 m / s, in water of 1500 m / s, in steel - about 5000 m / s.

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