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WHAT payments put pensioners

What is social security

What is social security

In Soviet times, citizens are not able to self-earnings, and in need of outside help, turned to the social welfare of the population.

The people they (authorities) simply called - social security.

Social Security

Officially, the concept of social security is not, this reduction inSoviet times, called all the social welfare authorities, who have provided services and carried payments to citizens. Thus, under the social security understood form of social policy, which is supported by a variety of funds, the organization, some categories of citizens in need of financial support. State support used:
- Children
- aged people,
- People with disabilities,
- People who have lost their working capacity due to severe illness,
- People with special status (veterans, war veterans, families with many children, Heroes of the Soviet Union and the socialist labor and so on.)
That is, those for which social security is a source of livelihood.
The social security system of bodies werenot only the social security authorities, but also hospitals, pensions, health care facilities, rehabilitation centers and correction and so forth.

Social Security Reform

In the early 2000s, social policy underwent reform, and social security are gone, though folk memory kept simple and succinct word.
Pension payments in the "new Russia" wasto control a single pension fund, so from the care of social protection of pensioners, disabled people, children who receive survivor's pension, moved to the RPF and its regional offices have been established in each region. Pension same since 2002, the fund began to dispose of and the payment of the so-called EDV - monthly payments, which can be spent on the disabled medications, travel or spa treatment, although the motels were run by the Ministry of Health.
Poor people, single mothers,invalids who receive regional benefits, veterans of labor, repressed workers of the home front, war veterans and other categories of citizens who have additional measures of material and non-material support is still engaged in social welfare agencies.
In the modern sense of social security - this pensionfund and social security agencies. Of course, the younger generation understands the difference between institutions, but the elderly still name all in one word.

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