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WHAT is the bundle


What is a bundle</a>

In Soviet times, citizens who do not have the opportunity to earn their own income, as well as those in need of outside help, applied to the social welfare agencies of the population.

In the people they (the bodies) were called simply - by the people.

Social Security

Officially, the notion of conviction is not, this reduction inSoviet times called all the bodies of social security, which provided services and made payments to citizens. At the same time, social security was understood as a form of social policy of the state, with the help of which various funds, organizations, certain categories of citizens in need of material support are supported. Support from the state was used by:
- children,
- aged people,
- People with disabilities,
- people who have lost their capacity for work due to severe forms of illness,
- people with special status (veterans, war veterans, families with many children, Heroes of the USSR and socialist labor, etc.)
That is, those for whom social security is a source of livelihood.
The social security system includedNot only the bodies of social protection, but also medical institutions, boarding houses, medical and preventive institutions, rehabilitation and correction centers, etc.

Social Security Reform

In the early 2000s, the social policy of the state was reformed, and the communities were a thing of the past, although the people's memory retained a simple and capacious word.
Pension payments in the "new Russia" has becomeTo control the single Pension Fund, therefore, from the care of social protection, pensioners, invalids, children receiving survivor's pensions, moved to the FIU and its territorial offices that were established in each region. The pension fund since 2002 began to dispose of and payment of the so-called EJV - monthly cash payments that can be spent by invalids on medicines, travel or sanatorium treatment, although the sanatoriums themselves were under the Ministry of Health.
Poor citizens, single mothers,Invalids receiving regional payments, labor veterans, repressed back workers, veterans of the Second World War and other categories of citizens who have additional measures of material and non-material support are still engaged in social protection.
In the modern sense of the matter, this is a pensionFund, and social protection agencies. Of course, the younger generation understands the difference between institutions, but the elderly still call it in one word.

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