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WHAT is the sleeping area

What is the sleeping area

The sleeping area - a concept that is characteristic of large cities.

Its residents have to overcome on a daily basislong distances to in the morning to get to the workplace, and in the evening - from work to home. The result - as people come home late at night, it turns out that there they can only spend the night, to sleep before starting a new working day.

Hence arose the name of "sleeping area".

When it comes to real estate, the purchase of apartmentsand the selection criteria, you can hear names such areas as "central", "luxury", "elite", "holiday", "sleeping." Names are sufficiently accurate to characterize this or that area, but the definition of "sleeping area" known far not to all.
In this area, most residents spend theirday by the same scheme - early in the morning go to the business center, and come back in the evening. The area is usually removed from the business center, where the enterprises and offices, entertainment centers, and socio-cultural organizations. However, it does have its advantages - for example, the cost of housing here is much lower than in other areas of the city.

What it is in the sleeping area

Buildings from the sleeping area is carried out more oftenjust a template. The residential area is entirely designed in advance, it consists of a multi-storey panel buildings. The area provides for minimum infrastructure, whose purpose - maintaining vital functions at the appropriate level. These include schools, kindergartens, shops and public health organizations, recreational facilities, but for work or active recreation residents travel to other areas.
Some of the architects said the sleeping areassuch as defective urban education, which should not be. This view stems from the belief that the city should be a mixture of functions, rather than a polygon of one of them. With the development in the area of ​​one of the functions in larger than the other, the volume, the opportunity to receive limited. For example, in the development of the transport function turns a giant car park, at the operating development - Industrial Area.
The sleeping area can be described as a polygonfor sleep. But life is not only because it is necessary to find a place and time for work and leisure, education, treatment. Every day, people have to get up and go somewhere, because next to you can not find the implementation of many vital functions. In the sleeping area, all these functions are not provided, but the townspeople to be comfortable, they should be organized around it.

How to change over time sleeping areas

Not so long ago in residential areas could only sleep and stay in relative silence - entertainment there almost was not, in the range of stores offered little variety.
But the situation has changed a bit. Sleeping areas are also removed from the center, as referred to, but the infrastructure they develop more actively, constantly arise entertainment centers, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers and supermarkets. Modern sleeping areas with their abundant greenery gradually transformed into neighborhoods, comfortable to live in, with a good infrastructure.
At the same time it continues to build newresidential areas, this being developed all the great territory. Result - areas that were once only sleeping, gradually change the status, and those areas that are being rebuilt, are sleeping.

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