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WHAT is a sleeping area


What is a sleeping area</a>

The sleeping area is a concept characteristic of large megacities.

His tenants have to overcome every dayLong distances to get to work in the morning, and in the evenings - from work to home. The result - as people get home late at night, it turns out that there they can only spend the night, sleep before the start of a new working day.

Hence the name "sleeping area" arose.

If we are talking about real estate, about buying apartmentsAnd criteria of selection, you can hear such names of areas as "central", "fashionable", "elite", "resort", "sleeping". The names are accurate enough to characterize a particular region, but the definition of the concept of "sleeping area" is not known to everyone.
In this area, most of the residents spend theirDay on the same scheme - early in the morning they leave for the business center, and return in the evening. The district, as a rule, is remote from the business center, where there are enterprises and offices, entertainment centers and socio-cultural organizations. However, it has its pluses - for example, the cost of housing here is much less than in other parts of the city.

What the sleeping area consists of

The development of the sleeping area is carried out more oftenAll by template. Residential area is entirely designed in advance, it consists of multi-storey panel buildings. The district has a minimum infrastructure, the purpose of which is to maintain life at the proper level. This includes schools and kindergartens, shops and health organizations, recreational facilities, but for work or leisure, residents travel to other areas.
Some of the architects consider the sleeping areasType inferior city education, which should not be. This view stems from the belief that a city should be a mixture of functions, rather than a polygon of one of them. With the development in the district of one of the functions in larger than other volumes, the opportunities are limited. For example, with the development of the transport function, a gigantic parking is obtained, with the development of a working zone - industrial zone.
The sleeping area can be described as a polygonfor sleep. But life consists not only of it, it is necessary to find a place and time for work and rest, training, treatment. Every day a person has to get up and go somewhere, because next to him can not find the realization of many vital functions. In the sleeping area, all these functions are not provided, but for the townspeople to be comfortable, they must be organized around him.

How the sleeping areas change over time

Not so long ago in sleeping areas it was possible only to spend the night and stay in relative silence - entertaining establishments there almost was not, in shops assortment did not differ a variety.
But the situation has changed a little. The sleeping areas are still as far from the center as they are called, but the infrastructure in them is developing more actively, there are constantly entertaining centers, restaurants and cinemas, shopping centers and supermarkets. Modern sleeping areas with their abundant gardening are gradually turning into micro-districts, comfortable for living, with good infrastructure.
At the same time, construction of newResidential microdistricts, for this all large territories are being developed. The result - the areas that were once solely sleeping, are gradually changing their status, and those areas that are rebuilt again become dormitories.

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