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In the race involved 4 athletes

Short Track - is a relatively young discipline of the Winter Olympic Games.

This sport attracts bolelshikov his entertaining and dynamic.

Short Track - This Olympic sport in whichathletes show their skills in speed skating at the "short track» (short track). The Russian national team has failed to win a set of Olympic medals in Sochi in the sport.
The first official Olympic competition in short track were held only in 1992, they immediately attracted a large number of fans of his dynamism and entertainment.
Short track includes several kinds of disciplines. Currently, the Olympic Games are played 8 sets of medals (4 sets of women and men). The most spectacular are the relay 3 and 5 km for women and men respectively. There are also three types of competitions in which athletes run at different distances (500, 1,000 and 1,500 meters).

Unlike speed skating, short tracktime is not a deciding factor for victory. This contact race in which athletes compete with each other "Shootout". The main aim of the competition - it is to come to the finish line first. Each race will start at the same time 4 athletes, of which only two winners go to the next round. This race will continue as long as there will be just 4 participants, among which will be awarded medals.
Interestingly, the skates slightly higher in the short track,than in classic speed skating. This is done to ensure that the skates tightly fixed not only the foot, but the ankle, so they are made individually for each athlete.

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