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What is the secret of happiness?


What is the secret of happiness? </a>

For many centuries, neither scientists nor philosophers can give a specific answer to the question "what is happiness".

In the Dictionary of the Russian language: happiness is a state of well-being, joy from the fullness of life.

What is happiness

Happiness is difficult and simple at the same time, allDepends on the moral values ​​of a person. You grow up, and the idea of ​​happiness changes with age. In a carefree childhood, great happiness seems to be a new toy, a candy eaten or a trip to the cinema.
The older you become, the less you turnAttention to the fact that until recently you had a feeling of happiness: a bright sun, a rainbow or bubbles in a puddle of rain. Time goes by, things change. And happiness is a good work, respect for the team, a number of people who love you and whom you love.
Happiness is a state that comes from you,Comes from within. The state of this depends primarily on your ability to perceive the world around you. Somewhere near there lives a large family, which barely makes ends meet, there is not enough money once again to buy sweets for children, not to mention various entertainments. For them, happiness is in their children. By investing all their love in them, people feel very happy. For others, it is necessary to be famous, famous and rich. Happiness in money? But there are things that are not sold and not bought.

From what is formed happiness

Happiness lies in simple things. It can not be sniffed, tasted or touched, but the state of happiness can not be overlooked and missed. I want to smile just like that, singing in my soul and it's like it rains on the street, or cats screamed all night long - the soul sings, so the person is happy.
But a person can not always feelAbsolutely happy - it's unnatural. Happiness is still a coming state. In our lives, there is always anxiety, fear and anxiety nearby. Experiencing for their loved ones, taking care of their health, fear of losing their material independence, and many more things do not allow them to enjoy a sense of happiness every day.

So what is the secret of happiness? There is no answer. Happiness can only be in the present, it can not be saved in reserve. Only being in harmony with yourself, appreciating every minute you live, clearly and calmly solving problems, you can be in a state of satisfaction and happiness.
Chasing happiness, think about what momentsIn life you feel yourself a happy person. What in life gives you great joy: a strong family or a bank account. Be able to rejoice in trifles, look for the positive side in any situation and happiness will not keep you waiting.

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