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What is the secret of happiness

What is the secret of happiness

For many centuries, neither scientists nor philosophers can not give a concrete answer to the question "what is happiness."

The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian language: happiness - a state of being, the joy of the fullness of life.

What is happiness

Happiness - it's difficult, and just at the same time, allIt depends on the moral values ​​of man. You are growing, and the idea of ​​happiness varies with age. The carefree childhood happiness seems huge new toy eaten candy or going to the movies.
The older you get, the less payattention to the fact that until recently gave you a feeling of happiness: the bright sun, rainbow and bubbles in a puddle of rain. As time goes by, things are changing. And happiness - is a good job, the respect of the team, a person nearby, who loves you and whom you love.
Happiness - is a condition that comes from you,It comes from within. Status depends primarily on your ability to perceive the world around us. Somewhere nearby lives large family, which is barely making ends meet, not enough money once again to buy sweets to children, not to mention a variety of entertainment. For them, happiness - in their children. By investing in them all my love, people feel very happy. For others, the need - to be famous, famous and rich. Happiness in money? But there are things that are not sold and not bought.

What happiness is formed

Happiness lies in the simple things. It can not smell, taste or touch, but the state of happiness can not miss and miss. I want to smile just like that, singing in the shower and do not care what the street rain or under the windows all night screaming cats - the soul sings, and therefore, a person is happy.
But one can not always feelabsolutely happy - it's unnatural. Happiness is still coming state. In our life there is always close and anxiety, and fear, and anxiety. The experiences of their loved ones, taking care of their health, fear of losing financial independence, and many more which does not allow every day to enjoy the feeling of happiness.

So what is the secret of happiness? The answer then and there. Happiness can only be in the present, it is impossible to accumulate a reserve. Just being in harmony with each other, appreciating each passing minute, clearly and calmly solving problems, you can be in a state of satisfaction and happiness.
Chasing happiness, think in what momentsin life you feel yourself a happy man. What in your life gives you a great joy: a strong family, or a bank account. Learn to enjoy the little things, looking for the positives in all situations and happiness will not take long.

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