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What is the safest passenger plane

What is the safest passenger plane

Many argue that the most reliable aircraft - a Boeing 777.

It still has no failure in the air due to a technical failure.

The same view came the publication BusinessWeek, which has made a conditional rating of the most reliable aircraft on the basis of the insurance company consultant Ascend.

The aircraft as a means of transportation - it is the mostreliable form of public transport. The margin of safety of any aircraft by more than tenfold. That is, the maximum margin of ten times the required technical conditions for operation of the aircraft.

Five of the safest aircraft according to the publication BusinessWeek

Boeing 777 headed by the top 5 safestaircraft. Start of operation of the model accounts for the year 1995, the number of hours spent in the air - more than nineteen million, and for the time of operation of any fatal tragedy. Back in 2007, the Boeing 777 has established a personal record of one million non-stop flights. In the nearly two decades of successful operation of the airliner was only seven use cases, including two attempts to capture hostages and one accident. The worst incident is considered a flight Beijing-London in 2008, which at the height of the heat exchanger of the fuel equipment began icing. As a result of the emergency landing at Heathrow injuries of varying degrees of difficulty we got thirteen.
In second place is the safety ratingAirbus A340, is operated since 1993. The number of hours in the air - more than thirteen million. This ship also has a single accident fatalities. The most dangerous was landing during thunderstorms in Toronto in 2005. When making an emergency landing, 43 people were injured.
Third place belongs to the Airbus A330, Airbus is nothaving fatal accidents until 2009. The only accident that led to the death of all the people in the airliner, took place in 2009 on June 1 but, as shown by decoding of the black boxes, the tragedy was caused by the pilots.
In fourth place is the Boeing 747, which hasActive seventeen and a half million flight hours and a catastrophe. I began to operate in 1970, during which time there was a fifty-catastrophes, eighteen of them with fatalities. The most tragic accident happened in the crash of Boeing over the Pacific Ocean in 2002, which killed 225 people.
The fifth place earned the Boeing 737 NG, on accountwhich three disaster, but takes the fifth place on the basis of the average figure. This model is operated by Boeing relatively recently, only since 1982. Meanwhile, the aircraft is considered the most reliable among travelers, as all three disasters occurred through the fault of the people. The worst occurred in India in 2010, when the pilot lost control and the plane blew up in the ravine.

Another version of the aircraft reliability

Supporters of the other versions of calculating the most reliableairliners believe that this figure does not depend on the model of the aircraft. It only depends on the reliability of the airline, which belongs to the plane, as the technical condition of the aircraft depends on the human factor and is linked directly with the hiring of a professional maintenance staff, as well as with the selection of high-quality pilots.
Each plane has its period of operation,the end of which ignore some airlines. Sometimes there are media reports of drunken pilots, and no one knows what the situation is with the technical inspection of aircraft before takeoff and periodic inspection in hangars. That's why the sooner the private companies-carriers are aware of how important it is serious about preparing for the flight, the better and safer will be their planes. Price Errors - human life.

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