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How is the role of antivirus for a computer?


What is the role of antivirus for a computer</a>

Antivirus programs are one of the pledges of a long and holistic operation of the computer and the operating system.

Therefore, they must be installed first.

Protection against malicious programs

In the era of globalization and ubiquitousInternet distribution computer is under constant threat of impact on the system of various malicious programs, the main purpose of which is not only damage to the computer and the system, but also the possession of various confidential data (passwords, logins, numbers of payment cards, etc.). All this makes PC users look for reliable ways to protect the computer from damage, and the antivirus is the very first defender.

Restoring the working capacity of PCs

Many anti-virus programs, in addition to protection fromMalware, have built-in tools for backing up data from your computer's hard drive, as well as the means to restore them. With the help of anti-virus software, it is possible to create recovery points, as well as create a virtual "sandbox", the main purpose of which is to separate the activity of a potentially dangerous program from the operation of the operating system. Therefore, the role of antivirus in the daily work of PCs is difficult to overestimate.

The price of antiviruses ranges from a few dollars to a hundred. At the same time, they can not differ much from each other in their functional.

Control over the security of the system

Any antivirus program has its ownBase of anti-virus signatures. It is necessary for the antivirus to have always the latest data on the types of malicious software. This database needs to be constantly updated, so for the effective operation of antivirus programs you need a permanent connection to the Internet. It is necessary to regularly check the system for viruses and files, which at startup can damage the computer and the system. For more effective protection against them, many similar programs include a system of monitors that protect the system either during operation or during an attempt to launch programs.

Often, anti-virus packages include firewalls - programs that serve to protectors from hacker network attacks.

Antivirus selection

The question of which antivirus to install onComputer, is always ambiguous. On the one hand, it should not inhibit the operation of the system, but on the other hand it must reliably protect against all potential threats. There is a large variety of both paid and free programs of this level. Among the most popular are software products from the Kaspersky Lab, as well as software called Dr.Web. In favor of such programs is the constant technical support of users, participation in promotions and testing of new software, etc. But there are also free analogs, such as Avast !, Comodo Internet Security, Avira, etc., the quality of which is not inferior to paid colleagues.

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