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What is the role of anti-virus computer

Anti-virus programs are one of the keys to a long and consistent operation of the computer and operating system.

Therefore, they must be installed first.

Malware protection

In the era of globalization and the widespreadInternet distribution network the computer is under constant threat of exposure to a variety of malicious software system whose primary purpose is not only damage the computer and the system but also the possession of various confidential data (passwords, logins, payment card numbers, etc.). All this makes the PC users to search for reliable ways to protect your computer from damage, and anti-virus - the first defender.

Restore PC performance

Many anti-virus software, in addition to protection againstMalicious programs have built-in tools to back up data from your hard drive, as well as the means to restore them. With the help of anti-virus software can create restore points, as well as the creation of a virtual "sandbox", the main purpose of which is to separate the activities of potentially dangerous programs from the activities of the operating system. Therefore, the role of anti-virus in the daily work of the PC can not be overestimated.

Price antivirus ranges from a few dollars to hundreds. However, they may not differ too much from each other in their functionality.

Control of the system is protected

Any anti-virus program has its ownantivirus signature database. It is necessary to ensure that antivirus always had the latest data on the types of malicious software. This database must be constantly updated, so the effective operation of anti-virus programs must be continuously connected to the Internet. Regularly check for viruses and files that you start the computer, and can damage the system. For more effective protection from many of these programs include a system monitor, which protect the system either during operation or during attempts to launch the program.

Often anti-virus packages include firewalls - programs that serve the defenders of the hacker network attacks.

Selecting antivirus

The question of what kind of anti-virus installed onPC is always ambiguous. On the one hand, it should not inhibit the activity of the system, and on the other - must be securely protect from all potential threats. There is a large array of both paid and free programs of this level. They are among the most famous of paid software products from Kaspersky Lab, as well as the name of Dr.Web. The benefit of such programs, says the constant technical support to users, participate in promotions and testing new software, etc. But there are also free equivalents, such as Avast !, Comodo Internet Security, Avira and etc, which is not inferior to the quality of fee-paying brethren.

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