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What is the return and non-return verbs

The lesson of the Russian language in schools

"Dog bites though, he has not bitten, but" - reflects Winnie the Pooh in the fairy tale by English writer AA Milne.

Considering these thoughts from the perspective of linguistics, we can say that the hero reflects on the nature of reflexive verbs.

Verb - it is the word for the action andanswering the question "What should I do?" The last update is very important, because the word "walking", for example, also refers to the action, yet rank it impossible to verbs.
Action is always directed at some object. This could be the same thing that makes it, or some other. In the first case it would be a reflexive verbs, and in the second - about irretrievable.

The identification sign of reflexive verbs

The fact that the action taken by a certain subject,directed at himself, it may indicate reflexive pronoun. In the Russian language there is only one such pronoun, which does not even have the nominative case - the "self".
Language is always striving for the sake of brevity, therefore,reflexive pronoun in conjunction with verbs reduced to "smiling", and then became a part of these verbs - postfix, ie suffix, which is written after. And so any reflexive verbs, the identification feature of which is the postfix "Xia", "suit yourself" - "dress", "to wash oneself" - "to wash." Verbs that have no such Postfix, called transient.

Types of reflexive verbs

Not always return semantic contentthe verb is so simple. The action that someone performs directly over itself, is just one example of reflexive verbs - the self-reflexive.
The verb of this kind and may imply someaction that the subject does not of itself, but in its own interests. For example, if the people say that they are "built", it can mean not only "build themselves in a line" (the self-reflexive verb), but also "building a house for himself." In the latter case, the verb will be called indirectly-returnable.
Represented reflexive verbs and the joint action of several things: to "meet", "talk" - a one-reflexive verbs.
However, it is always a verb, having postfix"Xia" is recurrent. You can not be ranked as such verbs have passive voice, that is, implying that action on the subject does anyone else, "the house is built", "microbes are destroyed."
The verb can not be reflexive if it istransition, ie, denotes an action directed at another thing, although in the form of impersonal verbs can have a suffix "Xia": "I want to buy a car."

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