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What is included in the duties of the system administrator

System Administrator

Almost every enterprise or company, regardless of size and activities, using computers.

To keep them in working condition and needsSystem Administrator, t. To. The modern users, in contrast to the members at the dawn of computerization, most of them do not understand the device.

IT-specialists, appointed to the postthe system administrator must have the appropriate specialized education, experience in the repair and maintenance of computer systems and office equipment, the experience of the installation and debugging software, network protocols to know and be able to build and debug a local network.


Depending on the type of activity and sizeenterprise, the duties of the system administrator and needed his knowledge can vary greatly. In small firms it is one person who has to deal with all the problems that arise. In large companies employ entire departments, where each expert working on the solution of certain problems.

there were no schools teaching system administrator profession Until 2000.

- Network administrator - the development and maintenance of local networks. Necessary knowledge of network protocols and Networks, devices
- The database administrator - must know the language operating system on which the database work, protocols and device data- base
- Server Administrator - in a hosting companyis installing software and hardware maintenance of the server farm. Necessary knowledge of relevant programs and protocols.


The main duties of the system administrator are as follows:
- Installation and debugging software -programs are installed and modified for specific tasks. It is also necessary to monitor for updates and install them on time, to control the operation of the system after installation-
- Timely repair and modernization of computers and office equipment - the system must conform to carry out the tasks quick diagnostics and troubleshooting should the sposobstvovat-
- Problem solving network security - installing antivirus and other security software and keep them updated. Prevent unauthorized access and hacker atak-
- Network performance disaster recovery and misconduct - to do a backup, in case of fatal failure to quickly recover system-

The most common breakdown is getting liquids on the computer keyboard.

- Set up a local network and ensuring itsnormal operation - normal operation of the modern enterprise depends on the reliable operation of the network and all of its component parts. Therefore, the timely elimination of failures and irregularities in the network becoming the primary zadachey-
- Advice, assistance and training of employeeswork with the software and local area network - for normal workflow you need to quickly solve the difficulties and problems of people are often unable on their own to solve even the most basic questions.

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