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What is the remix (remix)

Equipment for remixing

Some music can be heardnot only in the original arrangement, but in an unusual format. For example, additional effects and background sounds can be imposed on the "home" track.

Such "alteration" and called remixes are hugely popular phenomenon in modern music.

The emergence of remixes

The word "remix" is derived from the English remix,which literally means "mixing". The musical culture of a remix is ​​understood as a later version of the song, created with the help of special software and hardware for audio processing, by applying the background sounds, changing rhythm and pace of the work. The first remixes came almost by accident: the fact that the development of recording means work carried out at the studios overwrite the old music in a new way. Along the way to them to add different sound effects, cleaned the extra noise and so on.

Among the specialists decided to evaluate this or thatremixed exclusively with the technical side point of view, as it is believed that any product of individual creativity has the right to life.

Ultimately, the remix was,in fact, an independent musical direction. The authors of remixes set ourselves the goal is not just to improve the existing composition, and to give it new meaning. In some cases, the result of remixing became the antithesis of the original plan of the creator of the composition.

Who and what makes remixes?

Creating remixes by adding newsounds with tempo and rhythm of the original song, rearrangement of its parts, are interested, first of all, the owners of the copyright in the original works. The fact that the new interpretation has allowed a wider audience of listeners and give a fresh sound hits the forgotten past. In addition, interested in remixes disc jockeys, as given the opportunity to make popular music "club" sound, rhythm and longer sound, which is quite important for dance floors.

The first remixes appeared in the sixties of the last century in Jamaica. They are compositions of which removes the vocal component. This genre called dub.

Previously engaged in the production or remixperformers themselves or recording studios at their request. Prior professional work ubiquity of computers with sound was only possible in the presence of expensive and sophisticated equipment. Currently, to install the program to create remixes can anyone with a personal computer. Remixes often addicted novice DJs who want to demonstrate their potential radio stations and nightclubs.

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