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What is the regional network

What is a regional network

Within the framework of the theory of network economy is the formation of different specific organizations - networks, which are the final result of inter-firm cooperation.

What is a regional network?

Regional network - it is the largest computernetwork, which brings together users from a few buildings to go beyond the scope of the country. All computers - part of the same network. Combining in a common computer network can share many computer resources, such as printers, disks, and memory.
From the viewpoint of protocol regional networkalmost no different from the global. I must say that in the regional networks generally not used transoceanic cables, but this difference is not fundamental. Regional networks define the problem of formation of the LAN-networks of regions as entire countries and supranational networks. As a rule, such networks are built using the following protocols: SDH, ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, or X.25. Architecturally they are formed from the channels which have a scheme of the type point-to-point as well as a fairly powerful switches-multiplexers.
WAN Network used a specially installednetwork devices that connects together local LAN networks. Because of the importance of such devices for the network installation, configuration and maintenance of these devices - the inherent skills to the company's network.
WAN network is useful for individual companies. It connects users within an organization, and provides a variety of forms of communication.

Requirements to be met by the WAN

Among the requirements that have to match the WAN, you need to include:
- A rather high bandwidth communication channels, as well as the performance of the communication equipment,
- The ability to simultaneously transmit video, voice and data over a single channel communication-
- Cost-effectiveness, affordability price-
- Good compatibility of the communication, also link equipment from different manufacturers-
- Scalability, a great opportunity to create a different virtual networks.
The successful development of the economy, the implementation of variouskind of works and services are simply impossible without the creation of the necessary environment and the regional government, public companies. Today, the creation of regional networks can help the development of the business environment, stimulate the implementation of a variety of ideas and the formation of the ethics of business communication.

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