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What is a regional network?


What is a regional network?</a>

Within the framework of the theory of networked economy, various specific associations are forming-networks that represent the final result of inter-firm cooperation.

What is a regional network?

The regional network is a large computerA network that connects subscribers from several buildings to the extent of going outside the country. All computers are parts of the same network. By combining computers into one common network, you can share many computer resources, such as printers, disks, and memory.
In terms of protocols, regional networksAlmost do not differ from global ones. I must say that the regional networks do not use transoceanic cables, but this difference is not fundamental. Regional networks determine the problem of the formation of LANs from regions of whole countries and supranational networks. Typically, such networks are built using the following protocols: SDH, ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay or X.25. They are architecturally formed from channels that have a point-to-point circuit, as well as quite powerful multiplexer switches.
WAN networks use specially installedNetwork devices that connect LAN LANs to each other. Due to the importance of such devices for the network, the installation, configuration and maintenance of such devices are integral skills for the company network.
WAN is useful for individual companies. It connects users within one organization, and also provides many forms of communication.

The requirements that WAN networks must meet

Among the requirements that must necessarily correspond to the WAN network, it is necessary to relate:
- a rather high throughput of communication channels, as well as the performance of communication equipment-
- the ability to simultaneously transmit video, voice and data over a single communication channel-
- economy, affordability,
- good compatibility of communication, and channel equipment of different manufacturers-
- Scalability, an excellent opportunity to create different virtual networks.
Successful development of the economy, implementation of variousKind of work and the provision of services are simply impossible without creating the necessary environment, as well as regional state-owned, public companies. Today, the creation of regional networks can help develop the business environment, stimulate the implementation of various ideas and the formation of ethics of business communication.

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