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What is the reason dizziness in the morning

What is the reason dizziness in the morning

Morning dizziness can be repeated with enviable regularity, or appear only once.

Regardless of this, it is wary and ask the doctor to identify the true cause of serious illness and diagnose in a timely manner.

Why dizzy in the morning

The cause of morning dizziness may beunstable blood pressure, low blood sugar, problems with the cardiovascular system, with the spine. Often dizzy in the morning during pregnancy, in case of poisoning, psychogenic disorders.

If dizziness in the morning due to pregnancy, dissolve two teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water and drink after waking up.

Also vertigo, the patient may complain ofnausea, general weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite. The most common causes of vertigo: Meniere's disease, vestibular neuritis, osteochondrosis, psychogenic illness, intoxication, unstable blood pressure.
More than 80% of patients who were examined about the true morning dizziness, occurring daily, suffer DPPG or IRR.
Benign paroxysmal positionaldizziness occurs suddenly during heavy lifting or turning the head to one side. Basically this vertigo suffer older people with a history of infection or head trauma.
Psychogenic dizziness is not atrue, since it is not connected to the vestibular apparatus. This disease is characterized by a sense of fog in the head, confusion, tension and even a number of symptoms, for which a doctor can supposedly diagnose.
Dystonia - a diagnosis isevery second patient contact by the systematic morning dizziness. Treatment takes many years. Basically, the doctor prescribes sedatives, psychotherapy, recommends the daily routine.

When dizziness observe safety rules. Immediately after waking up a little sit, slowly stand up. Equip flat handrails and anti-slip mats.

When should you seek medical advice immediately if dizziness

It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately ifdizziness is accompanied by severe headache, muscle weakness, persistent vomiting, fever. Emergency medical services should be called immediately if the patient sees double, numb limbs and marked sensitivity disorder.
When vertigo patient examined ophthalmologist, neurologist, endocrinologist. Assign x-rays of the skull and spine, ultrasound of cerebral arteries, computed tomography, audiograph.

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