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What is the real magic


Sorcery and magic of today have become extremely popular.

In newspapers, on radio, television and onlineInternet sound offers assistance in solving all the problems of all kinds of magicians and psychics. A lot of people are trying to unravel the secrets of magic and get out of difficult situations as if by a magic wand.

Meanwhile, the real magic is hidden not in the magic spells.

The magic of the human soul

This magic inherent in the soul itselfman, it is the realization of self-empowerment, only the people can change their lives and achieve happiness and success. It has long been known that thoughts are material and are able to be translated into reality. However, there is one condition: they must be clean and devoid of envy and malice.
There are several mandatory factors necessary for a person to make a difference.
First of all - it's great. Moreover, it is important to the physical and psychological health, and. It should, if possible, avoid stressful situations, optimistic perceive the world. Of course, physical health does not always depend on himself, but he, at least, may refrain from bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Another factor necessary to achieve happiness - this is love. Moreover, not only romantic love, this love for life, for people, for all the world around.
The third factor - is the purity of thoughts and intentions, the lack of evil thoughts and wishes.

The magic of their own hands

This person can create magic with theirhands, decorating the world around him and doing good. You can do crafts, decorating your home many beautiful things - embroidery, knitting, souvenirs and decorative dolls. You can grow beautiful flowers, bouquets to do. You can enjoy a game on a musical instrument and to fill the world around them wonderful sounds. All this will be a real magic.
And you can become a magician for others, helpingthose who need help. It is possible, finally, to take to himself a homeless puppy or kitten, becoming a magician to him. And he, in turn, fill the house with joy and magic.
You can, of course, go deep into the study of magic(It is better to white), the more so now issued a huge number of all kinds of books on magic, the magic and the occult. However, it is unlikely to bring practical benefits. In addition, for a long time in Russia witchcraft caused the cautious attitude of others and the conviction of the Orthodox Church (Suffice it to recall the tragic story of the heroine of the story Kuprin "Oles").
It is best to remember that the real magic is inside the person, and do it without resorting to questionable spells.

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