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What is the real benefit of the bicycle

What is the real benefit of the bicycle

Biking - a great way to improve health.

At any level of physical fitness,effective results provide determination and patience. But for lack of time cycling become almost unattainable dream for many.

Bike - this is an excellent replacement for the bike, because the real benefit of the bicycle is confirmed by numerous studies conducted by scientists.

Bike cardio =

Contrary to popular belief that the exercise bikedevelops and strengthens only the muscles and bones of the legs, doctors and fitness trainers say that the main positive effects of an exercise bike has on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Not by chance the second name of this device - cardio, because employment is achieved through regular strengthening of the heart muscle and improve blood circulation of the whole organism.
About the changes occurring after the lessons onbike can tell your heart rate: it becomes a measured, clear, stable. Through exercise, the body received at "riding" on a stationary bike, significantly increases the functional reserve of the heart. And if while having little to enhance aerobic exercise, the basis will be provided for certain heart-safe operation.

Strengthening the locomotive system

During the classes on a stationary bike in the activework involved muscle 600 and bone 200. This "motor ensemble," according to the famous Russian physiologist AA Ukhtomsky, develops diverse forms of relationships between different parts of the human body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Especially strong development and strengthening the leg muscles and get all of the lumbar. The joints and ligaments become more mobile and strong. Straightens the posture of flying and becoming a free gait.

Improvement of the internal organs

Thanks to the active work of muscles during trainingcycling, all the internal organs begin to work in accordance with the level of the load, which is received by the body. They begin to produce the necessary enzymes in the right quantities, at the same time the normalization of metabolism in the cells and blood pressure stabilization. Actively involved in the work and the immune system, providing increased resistance to infection and minimizing the effects of adverse environmental factors.

Reduction in the rate of weight

Today, the use of the bicycle is undeniable in terms ofweight loss. And it is not only in the fact that during class person goes seven pots, and he loses weight. Forced out from the body excess liquid (ie it goes primarily during intensive physical activity) is not difficult, you can not bother with exercise, but simply to drink diuretics. During the training on a stationary bike oxygen enters the tissues actively nakolenny oxidizes fat and turns it into energy. That is why the "riding" on the exercise bike to lose weight should be limited not by the intensity and speed of pedaling and a uniform, even a leisurely, but the duration of the workout - at least 25 minutes twice a day (a maximum - as strength and endurance is enough).
Almost all modern bikes equippeddevices (if not the computers, the elementary counters), showing the mileage, time, calories burned, etc. This is a good motivator for dieters.

Removal of emotional stress

Irrefutable benefits for bicycle andstrengthen the nervous system. Calm, measured "riding" to your favorite tunes or watching a good movie - a great way to combat stress, relieve emotional stress, find harmony in mind. Gone obsessive thoughts, the problem no longer seem insurmountable. The mood and well-being as a whole is improved.

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