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In the market of goods and services there is a division betweenprice segments, depending on the value of the product, its features and characteristics, as well as customer requirements for a particular class of goods.

What is the price segment

Price segment of the goods is determined by itscost and performance. Timely price positioning, as well as regular monitoring of the market make it possible to implement the most effective marketing activities, which are aimed at increasing the popularity of different types of products, from the lowest to the highest price category. Therefore, market segmentation is necessary to determine the most effective in each case, programs that increase turnover and attract the attention of buyers.
At present four world market pricesegment. Economy proposal - the so-called low-price segment, which attracts the bulk of buyers of low-cost products. In economics, this segment is referred to as low-priced.
The average price segment or a middle-priced includes products of higher quality at a higher price.
The high price segment - high-priced high-quality products is expensive. And finally, the premium segment or luxury - the best that the market has to offer.


The cost of goods low price segmentmuch lower than the average market price for such products. These products have only a set of basic features, then there are various additional options available. The buyer does not expect these products some exceptional properties. Most often, the consumer is configured to short operation products of this segment, recognizing that poor quality goods.

M iddle-priced

The price of goods corresponds approximately to the average market. Most of the product has additional features and enhanced functionality. Many global companies are focused precisely on the issue of such a product because it has a high differentiation.


Products should have a functional andfully comply with the stated promises. In addition, there are increased customer expectations for quality, service and maintenance. The cost of products in this price segment significantly above average.


This image production, which emphasizesposition in society, and the owner of well-being. The cost of production is high enough and to customer wishes to quality and functionality added to the requirement of an individual approach. In this category are often presented branded goods manufactured in limited quantities.

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