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What is a precision satellite positioning

What is a high-precision satellite positioning

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You can, if it is equipped with automation management systems (ACS) based on GLONASS / GPS.

Highly accurate satellite positioning -common in the West, technology, recently came to Russia. The essence of technology - to clarify the signal received from the satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS (there are other satellite systems - Beidou, QZSS and the Galileo, but to talk about their wide use until early) due to their processing ground hardware and software systems - reference station networks .

Why do it? Everyone has a mobile phone or a car navigator. You may have encountered a situation - you are driving a car, relying on the testimony of the navigator. At one point he says "Turn right." But you can see that really turn you have already passed. This is because at best gives navigator home location accuracy not better than 5 meters, typically - in a spot of 10 to 100 m (depending on many conditions). Such a low accuracy due to the fact that between the satellites and the Earth surface - nearly 20 thousand kilometers.. The radio signal coming to your device, change as a result of phase distortion and atmospheric irregularities. To improve the accuracy of the satellite signal, are ground hardware and software systems, satellite signal specifying to 1 cm 2 in terms of height and by introducing the so-called satellite corrections.

Such precision does not need an ordinary person. Even taking into account the error and the inconvenience for errors navigators, current accuracy is quite sufficient. High-precision satellite navigation-based reference station networks needed for industrial use - automation of machines and mechanisms, deformation monitoring critical and dangerous objects, increase the accuracy of surveying.

Using high-precision navigational correctionsIt can save a lot of money at the expense of economy of materials, optimization of work while improving the quality of work and their effectiveness. The creation of networks of high-precision satellite positioning in Russia is engaged in only one organization: a joint venture between the American company Trimble and JSC "Russian Corporation Rocket and Space Instrumentation and Information Systems" - "Rusnavgeoset"

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