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What is the plot of the movie "Boy A"


What is the plot of the movie "Boy A"</a>

"Boy A" is a British drama, which was published back in 2007.

The painting was shot by director John Crowley based on the novel by young writer Jonathan Triggel.

Jack exits from prison, where he spent 14 yearsHis life for the murder of nine-year-old Angela Milton. Being already a 24-year-old boy, he does not understand much about what is going on around him, so his mentor Terry teaches the young man to live anew.

A man helps a guy choose a new name, findHousing and work and gives advice on what to do in a given situation. Now the boy's name is not Eric Wilson, but Jack Beridge. He is a vulnerable and secretive young man, but even despite his modesty, the guy quickly finds friends in the person of his colleagues at work and falls in love with the girl Michelle. Life seems to be starting to get better, but the fact is that Jack is still tormented by memories of the past. He often thinks of his childhood friend - Philippe, with whom they committed a terrible crime, and also learns that Philip recently committed suicide. Jack seems that this way the boy tried to say his "forgive" the world. In addition, the young man is not even sure that his old friend has taken his own life.

Jack can not reveal his secret to anyone, since for any information about his whereabouts on the Internet a decent monetary reward is assigned, but all the secret sooner or later becomes obvious.

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