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What is the planning department

Working day

For market relations that have arisen recently, it has become a distinctive brand new strategy in relation to the long-term development of enterprises.

The basis of this strategy is based on the principle of creating such a plan of economic development, which would allow to organize the management of production or services at the least cost.

It is engaged in this work and planning department in conjunction with other enterprise structures.

Perspective Development Plan

At its core businesses plan consists of aa set of interrelated actions which are aimed at increasing profits. The goal is achieved by increasing the efficiency of production processes and the successful implementation of manufactured products.

The structure of the planning department

The planning department include the whole range of specialists,which directly help to carry out the planning function. Each company organizes the work of its planning department based on the specifics of its own production. To work planning department was the most productive, it must be in constant communication of information with other departments. The closest cooperation in practice the case with accountants, budget business, production department, sales department, marketing, logistics, organization of labor and wages. The staff must be present:
-, Head of Planning and Economic otdela-
-, An economist at tsenoobrazovaniyu-
-, Economists profile.
The quantitative composition of the planning departmentnegotiated staffing companies and depends on the scale of production. And in the state of small firms planning department can not be. In this case, his duties are performed or the marketing department, or directly to management.


To direct the planning department functions include:
-; Preparation of input data and working materials in all sectors and services of the enterprise involved in the process planirovaniya-
-, Organization of the process of work on drawing up a specific type of plan approved direktsiey-
-; Miscalculation and forecasting of technical and economic parameters of the most important branches of activity-
-, The formation of product prices and input-analysis
-; Development plan structure necessary for the successful operation and the direction of their executive staff to assertions hold
-; The work on the regulatory and planning documentation (different types of plans) and its approval for all divisions predpriyatiya-
-; Exercise operational control over the progress of the targets for the whole company and its podrazdeleniyam-
-; The organization of the economic analysis of financial activity-
-, Keeping statistical reports with reference to its economic pokazatelyam-
-; Formation of economic and pricing policies in accordance with the regulatory dokumentam-
-; Exercise methodical management personnel of the enterprise units on planning and economic analysis.

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