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What is the plan area

What is the plan area

The ancient travelers and explorers drew maps of entire continents, is still affecting its accuracy, but they are likely to begin with the creation of the area plans.

ground plan - a thumbnailsmall area of ​​the earth surface in the orthometric projection as if the direction of human eyes, looking down at it was perpendicular to the surface.

What are the plans and maps

If you look at a satellite image andtopographic map of the same area of ​​the Earth surface, you will immediately see the difference between them. In the picture, as well as on the map will be visible to roads and buildings, plant and contour forests, but no parameters and characteristics of these properties, you will not get shot at. At the same time on the map, where the same objects are plotted in the form of symbols, you will understand everything. C will be marked using the symbols and inscriptions to them: the material from which built this or that building and construction, how many floors it and whether it is pavement material zhilym- their width and naznachenie- which plants predominate on the Styles particular area covered rastitelnostyu- what species of trees grow in a forest, what is the average diameter of their trunks, and the average height of crowns.
ground plan differs from a map onlya larger scale, so it is usually displayed at the surface area, as well as more detail. On plans to scale 1: 500 or larger is reflected literally every bush and every tree, even a pile of stones, there is such a symbol. The smaller scale of the map, so it is less detailed, but the greater the surface, it can cover. Plans and maps used to obtain an objective idea of ​​the location of real estate, including in the situational plan, taking into account how far and in which are located away from other objects.

Plot plan

Plans of land, which are available foreach owner of the site, are a particular example of a site plan. If this plan there are elevations of the surface points are plotted constructed buildings and auxiliary buildings, fences, garden paths, gazebo and garden beds, you have, in fact, three-dimensional terrain model. This model is the basis for the planning of the territory of the land and works on landscape design, it is much easier to design and laying of utilities.
In the case where you purchased the lot, tobuild a new house on it, the plan area is a must. There are software products that allow you to model the topography of the site and visualize it. You can, for example, to select the optimal location for the construction of villas and cottages with a view of the existing project.

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