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What is the image resolution

What is the image resolution

High quality pictures are not only pleasing to the eye, but also allow us to estimate a photo from an artistic point of view.

For an image that looks very nice on the screen, just as it looked nice on paper, you need to know about what the image resolution.

What is in the picture

First you need to figure out what thethe photo. Those who are not just faced with a stamp image, notice that its dimensions are indicated by two figures. These figures represent the height and width of the image in pixels, and is obtained by multiplying, as is known from math area.
The pixels in turn, a set of points. And the picture is composed of these points, each of which has its color and shade. The more points, the more qualitative and the recorded image.
Any image of a person perceives eyesight. A vision has limited capabilities of even the most healthy individuals. And this limitation is about 70 points per 1 200 cm or 1 inch (usually expressed as a resolution). If the points a centimeter larger, human eyes perceive them as a solid line.

What is DPI?

It is in view of the opportunities and builtPrinting principle. Almost any figure on the printed output has a resolution of 90 to 300 dpi. This relationship is called dots per inch, or DPI abbreviated.
DPI has its value only whendirect print image. Photography, which is located on the computer screen, has a certain size: length and width. And as mentioned earlier, these two parameters are fundamental when calculating the expansion.
The main task of the expansion - to make a quality shot when you print to a printer.

How to make a picture quality?

To prepare a photo for printing,you need to do some tweaking in the photo editor. The most suitable is the editor of Photoshop. Once you open the photo in the program, go to "Image Size."
The window shows three main fields: width, height, and resolution. height and width will change when resolution is changed, and vice versa. If you tick "Track Changes", you can adjust the dimensions independently of each other.
The optimal resolution for good photographs,which is supported by most printers, a value is 300dpi. But the smaller the image must be obtained in the end, the less resolution you need, and vice versa. Before you print a photo of a large format, ask the characteristics of the printer: the main parameters of a PPI (which means that the maximum possible resolution) and the number of colors that is used in printing. In order to determine the true value of the DPI, PPI, divide by the number of colors.

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