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WHAT is a phonetic analysis of words

What is the phonetic analysis of words

Probably not name the language in which letters of the alphabet would be fully in line with the sounds, where the words would be read exactly as written.

The phonetic analysis of words helps to identify patterns of word formation in a given language, it helps build the correct spoken language and written literacy increases.

What is phonetics

Phonetics is a branch of science of language studiessound structure of speech: sounds, sound combinations, syllables, stress the word. The word "background" in the Greek language - the sound. The object of the study of phonetics are not all published or reproduced the sounds of a man, but only those that are used for voice communication, language-specific dictionary.

Sounds and letters

First, you must clearly represent yourself,that sounds and letters - it's not the same thing. Sound - the smallest unit of speech, that's what people hear and say. A letter - it marks that have agreed to denote sounds. Writing arose at a certain stage of development of the culture of a people for the mediated communication. Alphabet written originally anticipated and image transmission via a particular speech sound icon. Due to the fact that active human language sounds quite a lot, so matching sounds and letters of the alphabet would make too cumbersome. Therefore began to appear certain rules of reading the letters in different situations. In many languages ​​of the world of sounds and letters in words may be different, sometimes significantly. This is especially true for the French language.

Russian alphabet

In the Russian language in a strong position (under stress)6 distinguish vowels: A, L, N, I, E, and 36 consonants. In addition, consonants in Russian language form 11 pairs for voicing / voicelessness and 15 pairs of hardness / softness. As for the letters, it is now in the Russian alphabet has 31 character and 2 digits: b and b.

The order of phonetic analysis

To perform a phonetic analysis of words,it is necessary, first, to write it correctly in place, smashing into syllables and accent mark. After that, the word letter by letter is written in a column. Next to each letter in the brackets is its transcription. If the letter does not transmit sound (b, b), the line does not continue. If the letter is in this situation is a diphthong, and transmits the two sounds, is the transcription of both sounds (for example, it may be letters: u, e, g, w, I). Then a dash each sound is characterized by: for vowels indicate shock or unstressed pozitsiya- consonants are distinguished by the hardness / softness and voicelessness / sonority. Finally, the bottom draw a line under which the number of signed letters in words and sounds.

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