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What is the penalty for failure to pay traffic

What will be for non-payment of traffic fines

Ignoring the rules of the road applies to administrative offenses.

The term of payment of a fine for violation of traffic rules is governed by Article 32.2 of the Administrative Code.

For nonpayment fined punished.

What is the deadline to pay a fine of traffic police

After discharge from the fine traffic police inspectormotorist has ten days to the fact that the appeal against the decision. After ten days from the date of imposition of fine penalty comes into force. Pay the fine should not be later than 60 days after the entry into force of punishment.

If after 90 days after the issuance ofregulations in the traffic police will not find confirmation of the penalty payment, the administrative case materials will be sent to the bailiffs. They are obliged to forcibly collect outstanding fines.

Do not rush to throw out a receipt,because the traffic police because of all sorts of technical linings often require drivers to re-pay the fine. Such precedents have already been. In this situation, a receipt will be proof of the absence of debt.

What punishment awaits for non-payment of fine

In that case, if the fine is not paid, the offender waiting for approval. In particular, it can:

  • not for release rubezh-
  • arrested on 15 sutok-
  • get fined to pay double the amount (but not less than 1000 rubles) -
  • bring to compulsory work for 50 hours.

What is the statute of limitations to recover the fine

Penalty fines also has a statute of limitations. It is two years since the entry into force of the offense.

For information on all of their penalties for violation of traffic rules and the debt on them can be found on the official website of traffic police.

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