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What are the results of the Cold War

What are the results of the Cold War

The end of World War II did not mean that the confrontation between antagonistic political forces ceased.

On the contrary, after the victory over Nazi Germany created the preconditions for a confrontation between the capitalist West and the communist East.

This conflict was called "cold war" and continued until the collapse of the USSR.

The reasons for the "cold war"

What was the reason for such a long"Cold" confrontation between East and West? In the model of the society of the United States and the socialist system headed by the Soviet Union, there were profound and insoluble contradictions.

Both world powers want to consolidate their economic and political influence and become the absolute leaders of the world community.

The United States is extremely satisfied that the USSRIt established its influence in a number of countries in Eastern Europe. Now there began to dominate the communist ideology. The reactionary circles in the West feared that communist ideas penetrate further west, and formed the socialist camp can seriously compete with the capitalist world in the economic and military spheres.
The beginning of the "cold war" historians believe ita leading British politician Winston Churchill, which in March 1946, he said in Fulton. In his speech, Churchill warned the Western world from the errors directly saying about the impending communist threat, in the face of which it is necessary to unite. The views expressed in this speech situation became actual call to the outbreak of the "cold war" against the Soviet Union.

The course of "cold war"

"Cold War" had several highlightsmoments. One of them was the signing of a number of Western countries the North Atlantic Treaty, the war in Korea and the testing of nuclear weapons in the USSR. And in the early 60-ies of the world anxiously followed the development of the so-called Cuban missile crisis, which showed that the two superpowers have such a powerful weapon that the winners in a possible military confrontation will not be.
This realization has led to the idea of ​​politiciansthat the political confrontation and arms build-up should be brought under control. The desire of the USSR and the United States to strengthen its military power led to tremendous budgetary spending and undermine the economies of both nations. Statistics suggest that both economies are not able to continue to maintain the pace of the arms race, so the US government and the Soviet Union finally signed an agreement on the reduction of nuclear aresenalov.
But the "cold war" was still far from finished. She continued in the information space. Both countries actively using its ideological apparatus to undermine the political power of each other. In the course were provocations and subversion. Each side tried to present in a favorable light the advantages of their social system, while downplaying the achievements of the enemy.

Completion of the "cold war" and its results

As a result of the harmful effects of external andInternal factors to the mid 80-ies of the last century, the Soviet Union was in a deep economic and political crisis. The country began a process of restructuring, which in essence was a course to replace capitalist relations of socialism.
These processes are actively supporting overseasthe opponents of communism. The collapse of the socialist camp. Culminating in the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991, it was divided into several independent states. The goal of the opponents of the USSR, they put a few decades earlier, was achieved.

West won a landslide victory in the "Cold War" with the Soviet Union and the United States remained the world's sole superpower. This was mainly the result of the "cold" confrontation.

Still, some analysts believe thatthe collapse of the communist regime did not lead to a complete end the "cold war." Russia, which has nuclear weapons, although it has risen on the capitalist path of development, still remains a nuisance for US aggressive designs, striving for total world domination. Of particular irritation in the ruling circles of the US is striving to lead the new Russia an independent foreign policy.

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