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What is the optimal size of the rooms in the house

What is the optimal size of the rooms in the house

During the Soviet era, when private ownership of the land did not exist, area, layout, size and number of floors of private houses is strictly regulated.

In most settlements two-storey houses can not be built at all.

Currently, home area, you canbuild, limited, in fact, only the size of your site, and its number of floors - land use and development rules, but the house, at least 3 floors, can be built on any plot, intended for housing.

Reasonable restrictions

When the 90-ies of the last century in Russiathere was land ownership and planning restrictions were abolished in the construction of homes, many owners build new detached houses, build entire castles. Such home with awkward layout, project, created by architects inexperienced in individual construction, very quickly disappointed by their owners. Rooms in them were too big, and their number exceeds a family's needs.
The result is that such houses are notused in full, no one lived in the huge room uncomfortable, but had a lot of money, time and effort spent on maintaining them in a habitable state. And with the growth of tariffs for housing these huge house just ruined their hosts, and many of whom have tried to sell them as quickly as possible. Today, those who are going to build a new house, trying not to repeat such mistakes and design it according to the real needs of his family.

The optimum size of rooms in individual residential building

Of course, the main room in any apartment buildingis living room, where going to the family members and guests, sometimes it is advisable to combine with a dining area. Very handy if adjacent spaces for the living room will be a kitchen and a spacious veranda with a nice view, or around which a lot of greens. The most rational option when living - communicating, but it should not leave the doors of bedrooms. Optimum living-dining area is calculated by the number of family members who permanently reside in the house. For a family of 4-5 people is enough to be the size of 18-20 square meters living area. m, for 6-7 persons - 22-24 square meters. m, even with the periodically appearing guests.
Number of bedrooms also depends onhow many people will live in the house all the time, each of them must have a separate bedroom, apart from couples. To accommodate the guests can provide a maximum of two additional bedrooms. The minimum size of a bedroom for one person - 1,5h2,5 m, a bedroom can be a guest. Bedroom for permanent residence in the house of a person should hold cabinet for linens and clothing, or there must be built-in niche for such purposes somewhere in the back of the room. Therefore, the master bedroom the size of 2.5 m or 2,1h 2,8h2,5 square. m will be optimal.
As for the cuisine, if living area of ​​16 to 50 square meters. m, will be sufficient to kitchen size 6-8 sq. m, living area if there will be more food, increase the size of 10-14 square meters. m.

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