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What is the notary's deposit

What is a notary's deposit

Notary as part of the right appeared in the 7th century.

However, the industry has developed very specific, becoming the very respected business, it is not very.

Perhaps it is in this respect still notariesday carefully guard their job, but because some of them very specific concepts, such as "notary deposit", the general public are not known or understood.

Notary sort of activity often actsthe role of mediator between Purposer and executors or heirs, as well as between the creditor and the debtor. It is often called upon to resolve a mediator within the responsibilities and the legal field conflict, which can be between these entities.

Someone else's money

For example, two citizens enter into a contractLoan, and (though not necessarily) under this agreement in case of default by the borrower in terms of the contract period on the outstanding balance is charged penalties, ie money penalty. After some time, the lender gets into an accident and loses the ability to act (in a coma, suffering from amnesia, etc.), To carry out orders regarding issued once the loan in such a state he can not, but in fact with the debtor's obligations are not removed, and this means that the borrower how -That way obliged to return the money to the creditor, and it was at the appointed time. Exit - to turn to the notary.
In this situation, the debtor makes the amount of debt onnotary deposit, giving a loan agreement and a statement which indicates that the lender is in a dysfunctional state, prescribes the amount of the debt at the date of the statements and reports that it transmits this sum as a loan payment to the notary deposit.

The deposit can be issued in the case, if the creditor intentionally hidden from the borrower or his location is not known.

The notary accepts documents and the amount thatis sent to a special bank account to the loan agreement a note that a creditor obligations fulfilled in whole or in part (depending on the input amount) at that date. After that, the notary notifies the lender that the money received from the borrower, and are stored in the notary deposit.
Thus, in practice, a notary deposit - this sums of money or securities that are taken by a notary from one person to transfer them to another in accordance with a certain contract.

Storage deposit

Notary services are not free of charge, as a rule, the designer receives a percentage of the total amount of the deposit received as a reward.
Keep the money at the notary has no right, because the law provides that citizens from it can only accept documents, everything else must be kept in the safe deposit box.

Get your money lender may, at any time prior to the expiration of their storage by presenting the loan agreement, the notary letter and proof of identity.

Dispose of deposit of the notary has no right,but the shelf life is not unlimited sums in a bank. The law stipulates that at the end of the shelf life of the money that has not been claimed creditor, the entire amount becomes the property of the state and transferred to the budget of the bank.

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