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WHAT is the neutron bomb

neutron bomb

The neutron bomb - a nuclear weapon, which acts by neutron radiation, the damaging of living beings with a relatively small force of the explosion and shock wave.

The essence of the neutron bomb

Technology for creating the neutron bomb was firstIt developed in the 60s of the last century in the United States. Now these technologies are available in Russia, France and China. This is a relatively small charges and are considered low and ultra-low power nuclear weapons. However, the bomb artificially increased the power of neutron radiation, damaging and destroying the living body protein. Neutron radiation is perfectly penetrates armor and can kill even manpower in specialized silos.

Peak create a neutron bomb fell in the US80s. A large number of protests and the emergence of new types of armor forced the US military to stop its release. Last shtatovskih bomb was dismantled in 1993.

This explosion does not bear any majordestruction - crater from him a little, and the shock wave is insignificant. The radiation after the explosion to normal within a relatively short period of time, two or three years, a Geiger counter does not register any anomalies. Naturally, neutron bombs in the arsenal of the world's leading nuclear powers, but there was not a single case of their operational use. It is believed that the neutron bomb reduces the so-called threshold of nuclear war, which dramatically increases the chances of its use in large-scale military conflict.

How does a neutron bomb and methods of protection

plutonium normal charge is part of the bomb andbit thermonuclear deuterium-tritium mixture. When undermining plutonium charge going to merge the nuclei of deuterium and tritium, because of what is happening concentrated neutron radiation. Modern military scientists can make a bomb with a directional radiation charge until the strip a few hundred meters. Naturally this is a terrible weapon, from which there is no escape. Its scope military strategists consider the field and the road on which the moving armored vehicles.

It is not known whether there is a neutron bomb Nowarmed Russia and China. The benefit of its use on the battlefield rather conventional, but very effective weapon against the destruction of the civilian population.

Damaging effects of neutron radiation outputsdown combat strength, inside the armored vehicles, while the technique itself is not affected, and can be captured as a trophy. Especially a special armor, which consists of sheets with high boron content was designed to protect against neutron weapons, absorbing radiation. Also try to use such alloys which would not contain elements that provide a strong radioactive orientation.

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