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What is a neutron bomb


Neutron bomb</a>

A neutron bomb is an atomic weapon that acts by neutron radiation, which affects living beings with a relatively small explosion force and a shock wave.

The essence of the neutron bomb

The technology of creating a neutron bomb was firstIt was developed in the 60s of the last century in the USA. Now these technologies are available to Russia, France and China. These are relatively small charges and are considered nuclear weapons of small and ultra-small strength. However, the bomb has artificially increased the power of neutron radiation, which damages and destroys the protein living bodies. Neutron radiation perfectly penetrates through the armor and can destroy live force even in specialized bunkers.

The peak of the creation of neutron bombs fell in the US at80th years. A large number of protests and the appearance of new types of armor forced the US military to stop issuing them. The last state bomb was dismantled in 1993.

In this explosion does not carry any seriousDestruction - the funnel from it is small and the shock wave is insignificant. The radiation background after the explosion is normalized in a relatively short time, after two or three years the Geiger counter does not detect any anomalies. Naturally, neutron bombs were in the arsenal of the world's leading nuclear powers, but not a single case of their combat use was recorded. It is believed that a neutron bomb reduces the so-called threshold of nuclear war, which dramatically increases the chances of using it in major military conflicts.

How the neutron bomb works and how to protect it

The bomb contains a conventional plutonium charge andA little thermonuclear deutero-tritium mixture. When the plutonium charge is exploded, fusion of deuterium and tritium nuclei takes place, because of which concentrated neutron radiation occurs. Modern military scientists can make a bomb with a directed charge of radiation up to a band of several hundred meters. Naturally, this is a terrible weapon, from which there is no salvation. The field of its application military strategists consider the fields and roads on which the armored vehicles are moving.

It is not known whether there is a neutron bomb onArms of Russia and China. The benefits of using it on the battlefield are rather arbitrary, but the weapons are very effective in destroying the civilian population.

The damaging effect of neutron radiation derivesThe combat composition inside the armored vehicles is out of order, while the technology itself does not suffer and can be captured as a trophy. Specially designed to protect against neutron weapons, a special armor was developed, which includes sheets with a high boron content that absorbs radiation. Also try to use such alloys that would not contain elements that give a strong radioactive orientation.

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