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What is the nature of Gemini

Gemini love to be the center of attention

Gemini - one of the most unpredictable signs of the zodiac.

This is due to the duality of his nature.

Life representatives of this sign is replete with adventure, love and fellowship. If the Twins are beginning to oppress weekdays, they are able to make a real holiday and myself and family.

With this zodiac sign is never boring.

Lovers of beauty

Twins prefer to surround themselves with beautifulobjects and attractive people. They try not to go into society, without giving himself in perfect order. The representatives of this zodiac sign tend to make new friends anywhere and in any situation, so the first impression they want to produce only positive.


For Gemini is very important constant flownew information. Moreover, it can relate to absolutely any topic, from beauty to politics, life in the universe before the discovery of a new microorganism. Information starvation for representatives of this zodiac sign is worse restrictions on food.

Sociable people

Due to their curiosity may Geminisupport any conversation. At the same time they can not be called a nerdy. They are not arrogant and can always plead wrong. Gemini simply express their views and listen to the interlocutor, making its conclusions as a result. For these people, it is important not to emerge victorious in the dispute and to know a different point of view on the subject under discussion or event.

Twins are equally friendly to behave with the homeless and with the politician.

hearts Conquerors and excellent psychologists

Gemini regardless of sex are likeGenerally, good psychologists, and use this quality for their own purposes. When meeting with a representative of this zodiac sign almost anyone wants to open his heart and speak out. Gemini will attentively listen to the interlocutor and, if necessary, advise a way out of this situation. But they will not insist on the implementation of their recommendations. This zodiac sign is trying to interfere in someone else's life.
Thanks to their qualities of character Twinsattract the hearts of the opposite sex. This zodiac sign is always knows what a compliment should be made as necessary to the story itself, to win the interlocutor. Even if Gemini currently tells a fictional story, it is easy to believe, because he knows how to apply false. But not always it is possible to trace the companion around the finger. When Gemini lie is revealed, it is gradually cease to trust and take seriously his words.

If Gemini tells a fascinating story, trying to appear in front of you in a good light, do not rush to believe him. Ask around about your interlocutor at his friends.


Gemini sometimes not very balanced. They can arrange a tantrum unexpectedly. Moreover, it is often associated with incorrect perception interlocutor. Gemini, in spite of the love of others, have a lot of complexes, which prevent to perceive some of the statements. And such behavior, they allow themselves only in the presence of relatives. At the other twin is quite friendly and easy going person.

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