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What is the national income

What is the national income

State - regulation system of economic, social and legal life of society.

For life-support of society the state needs money.

High-yield state can be more effective than others to develop education, medicine, science and infrastructure.

Cash flow state

State - a company of great size. As with any business, the state has income and expenses. The national income of the state is made up of the net profits of enterprises income of their owners, the earnings of the workers and the lease payments received by the owners of the premises. Each state has a unique business strategy and a series of characteristic of its economy "trumps". For example, Switzerland has a reputation for "international banker" and political neutrality. The United States has 12% of the entrepreneurs of the total number of citizens, that provides a high level of innovation of the state. Russia actively uses the resources sector and agriculture.

Where profit is

State differently manage nationalincome. In addition to the level of welfare of citizens, states are tax surplus and the proceeds received from the lease of municipal property. State invests in debt bonds of other countries, the shares of the real sector companies. Considerable resources are being spent on travel programs, promotion of the country in the world (including sports events).
Part of the money goes to the state stabilization fund (the stabilization fund, gold and currency reserves). This kind of money for a "rainy day" - in the event of crises, natural disasters, accidents, etc.


Also on the profitability of the state is judged by the level of GDP.
GDP (gross domestic product) - parthe value of all products produced in the country for one year. The derivative value is the indicator of GDP per capita - is the figure taken into account when assessing the level of the economy (including the yield) of the United Nations (UN).
Some economists used instead of indexthe concept of national income of the state GDP (gross domestic product), which takes into account not cost of all products produced on the territory of the state, but the value of all the products produced by state residents worldwide.

The most profitable state

Camym profitable state at the momentis the United States with national income of $ 16 trillion. European Union (EU) countries have collectively more than a trillion - $ 17 trillion (economy centers - United Kingdom, Germany, Italy). China and Japan are at $ 7 trillion, Russia, Spain and France - about two.

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