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What is the biggest flower in the world called?


Rafflesia arnoldi </a>

The largest flowers in the world are arnoldi rafflesia and giant amophophallus, a true miracle of nature.

They grow in Sumatra and reach incredibly large sizes.

Rafflesia arnoldi (Rafflesia arnoldi)

When the first European researchers crossedThe Sumatran jungle in the 19th century, they were struck by flowers, the size of a large wheel that seemed to lie right on the ground. The flowers had fleshy juicy red petals with white outgrowths on the surface resembling a piece of rotting meat. At the bottom of his cup found nectar, which could fill a small pot. A cadaveric smell spread from the flower. And its color, and a specific flavor is designed to attract insects, which fed predator flowers. This rafflesia arnoldi is the largest flower in the world.

The plant received its name thanks to its discoverers - biologist Arnold and officer Raffles.

Its size reaches 1.5 m in diameter, 3-4 m inPerimeter, and weight - about 10-12 kg. Rafflesia arnoldi inhabits the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. She has neither roots nor foliage, as she lives, parasitizing on the roots of lianas. Because of this, until recently, biologists could not consider rafflesia to any of the plant families. However, recent analysis of DNA was a surprise, the flower belongs to the family of euphorbia. The most famous species of this family are cassava and a rubber tree.

Amorphophallus giant (Amorphophalus titanum)

Also in Sumatra grows another huge flowerAmorphophallus giant. It is the largest flower in the world and can reach 3 m in height. Like rafflesia, amorphophallus spreads the smell of rotten flesh, which attracts all kinds of carrion-eating insects.

Amorphophallus flowers for 2-3 days, 3-4 times in 40 years of existence.

Giant petals of a purple color - on the veryBusiness bract (protective sheet). It can be up to 1.2 m in diameter, and 1.3 m in height. A huge inflorescence grows from a tuber weighing up to 100 kg. On the giant "trunk" in the middle of the flower (the so-called cob) are flowers, both female and male.

Fan-shaped palm (Corypha umbraculifera)

The largest inflorescence in the fan palm (CoryphaUmbraculifera), originally from southern India and Ceylon. The leaves of the plant reach 25 m in height, stems up to 1.3 m in diameter, and inflorescences 6-8 m in length. They consist of several million small flowers attached to a branched stem in the upper part of the trunk. The fan palm tree blooms only once in its life at the age of 30 to 80 years.

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