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HOW called coldest lake

What is the coldest lake

Yakutia Oimyakon area stores on their land natural wonder - the deepest lake, which appeared on the site of the cleft.

The waters of this lake is the coldest in the world among the natural reservoirs of water.

The coldest lake in the world, located on thethe territory of modern Yakutia, has long been an object of special attention, thanks to a deep crevice, which, according to numerous eyewitnesses, and is home to the world-famous monster Nessie. Labynkyr - such is the name of this mysterious body of water.

Lake Labynkyr rightfully earned its international reputation, because the average temperature of the water in it does not exceed 2 ° C, and reaches a depth of 53 meters.

Lake predators

Oimyakon eastern Yakutia region,rugged and almost uninhabited land - this is the exact location of this unique lake. It is for almost the whole year is covered with a thick layer of ice, which reaches a depth of four kilometers. Lake is inhabited predominantly predatory fish.
A great number of legends and giving localpopulation, supported by the testimony of the deep-water equipment, periodically fixing signals movement along the bottom of a sufficiently large object made Labynkyr object of desire of many researchers and hunters for adventure, eager to discover the "devil." That is, according to residents of neighboring villages, it should be called underwater creature that has acquired numerous stories about the pursuit of local fishermen and periodic ascents giant waterfowl to land.

Myths and Reality Labynkyr

A scientific expedition, which succeeded in establishinga world record that is associated with the study of the cold and hard to the reservoir on the planet, able to dispel the many myths and penetrate into the depths of the well-known reservoir crack in order to study the flora, fauna and local hydraulic system.
Although the ambient temperature reaches minus 68-70oS sometimes, relatively small lake largest width 4, and over 14 km long, relatively slowly solidifies.

Lake freezes unusual, leaving on the surface does not explainable holes, hole in the ice.

Moreover, small strips of land locatedhardly changes over time on the lake surface, have interesting properties disappear even though the water level in the reservoir. It is these geographical and mythological mysteries still to unravel the scientific researchers and natural scientists with the direct support of experienced divers have managed to win once alluring depth.

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