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What is the name of the coldest lake


What is the name of the coldest lake</a>

Oymyakonsky district of Yakutia keeps on its land a natural miracle - a deep lake that appeared on the site of the crevice.

The waters of this lake are the coldest in the world among the waters of natural reservoirs.

The coldest lake in the world, located on theTerritory of modern Yakutia has long been an object of increased attention, thanks to a deep cleft that, according to numerous eyewitnesses, is the refuge of the world-famous monster Nessie. Labynkyr - this is the name of this mysterious reservoir.

Lake Labynkyr rightfully earned its international fame, because the average annual water temperature in it does not exceed 2 ° C, and the depth reaches 53 meters.

Lake of predators

Oymyakonsky district of eastern Yakutia,Impassable and almost uninhabited land - this is the place of the exact location of this truly unique lake. It has been covered for almost the whole year with a thick crust of ice, the depth of which reaches four kilometers. The population of the lake is predominantly predatory fish.
A huge number of legends and localOf the population, backed up by the testimony of deep-water equipment periodically recording signals of movement along the bottom of a sufficiently large object, made Labykyr the object of the desire of many researchers and adventurers, eager to discover the "devil". That's what the inhabitants of the surrounding villages consider, the underwater creature, which has acquired numerous stories about the chases for local fishermen and the periodic ascent of a giant waterfowl on land, should be called.

Myths and Reality of Labynkyr

Scientific expeditions that managed to establishA world record connected with the study of the coldest and hardest-accessible reservoir on the planet, managed to dispel numerous myths and penetrate into the depths of the fissure of a well-known reservoir in order to study flora, fauna and the local hydrosystem.
Despite the fact that the temperature of the ambient air reaches at times minus 68-70 ° C, a relatively small lake with a width of 4, and a length of over 14 kilometers, freezes relatively slowly.

The lake freezes unusually, leaving on the surface unexplained holes, polynyas.

In addition, small areas of land locatedOn the surface of the lake, have interesting properties to disappear despite the fact that the water level in the reservoir practically does not change with time. It is these geographic and mythological riddles that are yet to be solved by scientific researchers and naturalists with the direct support of experienced divers who have already managed to conquer the enticing depth once.

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