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What is the motive

What is the motive

The word comes from the Latin theme «movere», which translates as push, propel.

In all its activities a person is moved by some motive.

The motive as the driving force activity

Motive - is the internal and external drivers,encourage a person to act in a certain way and strive for any purpose. It is caused by the desire to meet the specific needs and giving impetus to the implementation of energy plans. Needs can be caused by including instincts and emotions, such as love, desire for revenge, etc.
To motives could induce a person to performsome action, there must be the object of activity and have set goals which the individual desires in their work to achieve. The purpose and motive - not the same thing. Objective - this is what man seeks and motive - the reason for which he aspires to it. One goal may have several motives for achievement. For example, the motives for building a career can be a high salary, self-assertion in society, the realization of their talents and abilities, desire to benefit society, the need to support a family, etc.
If a person has the desire to fulfillactivities and the achievement of some objectives, which means it has the presence of motivation. So, motivated by a diligent student, enthusiastic employee, hard athlete, generally hard-working man. Striving for a high motivation to achieve the results called, the desire to lead and command - the motivation to power, thirst for new information - cognitive motivation.
If the motivation of a person is weak, it will do its job reluctantly, lazy, he will be inclined to postpone the case then, and the results are not as high as that of a motivated person.

Types of motivation

The main motives deliberately groundedare beliefs, values ​​and intentions. Value - a personal relationship to the world based on their own life experiences and lessons and knowledge. Values ​​are the basis of consciousness and activity of the person, give life meaning.
Beliefs are the motives and theoreticalpractical human activity, due to his knowledge and outlook. They are stable and often remain valid for life. Beliefs play a role when an individual's activities are governed, in addition to their personal desires and needs, some ideas.
Intention - this is a decision taken consciouslyto come to a particular purpose by means of well-thought-out and according to plan. Due to the intentions of human behavior is organized.
Every individual has the basic motives andminor, major influence on its activities to a greater extent. The motives can be very different: the organic (natural satisfying the body's needs), functional (activity), material (creation and acquisition of necessary items), social (interaction with society), spiritual (self-improvement).
The notion of "motivation" wider. Motive - is a stable personality of the individual property, which from the inside causes him to commit any action. Motivation (motivational personality system) - a combination of the factors influencing the behavior: motivation, needs, goals, intentions, beliefs and attitudes, stereotypes, values, interests and inclinations.

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