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What is the most romantic love movie?


What is the most romantic love movie?</a>

Films about love are most attractive and interesting for viewers.

In addition, romance and relations between men and women embrace people of all ages, nationalities and estates.

Because such scenes for movies will always exist. Each film about love is unique in its own way.

However, among these unique creations one can distinguish the most romantic love films for all time.

The best foreign films about love

If we take as the basis the leading tops of the worldRomantic films about love, the first place among them is given unquestioningly to the classic of the genre - the film "Ghost". The main roles in the movie masterpiece were played by American actors Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The film provokes the appearance of various emotions in the audience during the entire viewing. Many scenes in the story cause tears and compassion for the love of two people, which even death could not separate.
The next film, taking first place in theDiscussions of the best films about love, of course, "Titanic". Before the movie "Avatar" appeared, which is also included in dozens of the best romantic films, "Titanic" for ten years was the highest grossing and had no competitors. The plot of the film is passion, the sudden love of two people from different estates against the background of a catastrophic shipwreck in the ocean.
The film "English patient" received nine"Oscars" in his time, although he completely deprived of modern special effects. The main action of the picture is the last love of a military man to a woman, a reflection of the truly great feelings of two people.
To the sweet romantic pictures is andBecame a classic of the genre "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Another fairy tale about Cinderella and her prince. However, not ceasing from this to give faith in the dream come true, a great feeling of love and reciprocity, despite the huge distance between each other.

Domestic romantic films

Among Russian domestic films about a sincere and beautiful feeling, the audience especially notes the film "I can not say good-bye" about the love of a simple girl to a disabled guy.
To the classic best romantic films,Created in different times by Russian writers and directors, include such masterpieces of art as "The Girl with a Box" (1927), The Wild Dog of Dingo (1962), About Love (1970), Autumn (1974), " "The Irony of Fate or the Easy Steam" (1975), "In my death I ask to blame Klava K" (1979), "You never dreamed" (1980), "Military Field Novel" (1983), "Station for Two" (1983), "On the Murom track" (1993), "The Barber of Siberia" (1998), "Communication" (2006), "Monroe" (2009).
But we can not say that only these domesticFilms are considered the best. As with other foreign films, in the archives of Soviet and Russian cinema there will be several dozen films that can be safely attributed to the most romantic love films.

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