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As the most profitable contribution to Sberbank


What is the most profitable contribution to Sberbank</a>

Today, Sberbank has a wide range of deposits for the population.

Among them, everyone can choose for themselves the most optimal option, based on their goals.

Types of bank deposits in Sberbank

Bank deposits from Sberbank can be classified for various reasons - this is, for example, the term of placement, functionality, and also their purpose.
From the point of view of the term of placement, urgentDeposits and on demand. In the latter case, the client has the opportunity to withdraw money from his account at any time. The rate for such deposits is often nominal - from 0.1%.
The difference of time deposits is that theyAre placed on a term strictly stipulated in the contract. For example, for a year or 3 months. But if the depositor decides to withdraw money from the deposit ahead of schedule, then interest is not paid to him - they are set at the level of demand deposit rates.
Term deposits are not homogeneous, among them allocate accumulative, savings and settlement subspecies.
Cumulative deposits provide an opportunity to replenishDeposit for the duration of the contract. They are intended for those who plan to save up for some expensive purchase. Thus, the bank deposits "Popolnyay" suggest a rate in rubles to 6.6% per year with a maximum amount, 2 million rubles. For a period of up to 3 years.
The savings deposit does not imply anyOperations with the account (for example, replenishment or partial withdrawal). These deposits are distinguished by the highest interest rate. For deposits "Save" the maximum rate is 7% in rubles (0.4% higher than the deposit "Recharge").
The estimated contribution (it is also calledUniversal) allows the client to control his account, for his money, manage his savings, make operations to replenish and withdraw money. In Sberbank, such deposits are called
Manage, the maximum rate for them is 6.1% in rubles (0.9% lower than with the deposit "Save").
From the point of view of the currency of placement,Ruble, foreign exchange and multicurrency deposits. The latter allow you to change the ratio of currencies in the currency basket, which can make sense when changing market conditions. For the multi-currency deposit, the ruble-denominated deposit rate is up to 5.9%, the dollar contribution to 1.75%, the euro to 1.75%. In Sberbank also have the opportunity to open deposits for fans of exotic products - "International" for a period of three years. In this case, you can choose a deposit in Japanese yen (interest rate - up to 2.25%), Swiss francs (up to 2.5%) or pounds sterling (up to 3.25%).
In Sberbank there are also specialized bank charity programs ("Give Life") and contributions for pensioners.

Profitability of Sberbank's deposits

To compare the yields of different deposits,Take similar parameters of the deposit (amount - 1 million rubles, term - 1 year, without capitalization) and estimate the profit received. According to the deposit "Recharge" the income will be 59 thousand rubles, "Replenish OnL @ yn" - 61.5 thousand rubles. On the "Manage OnL @ yn" deposit, the income will be 57.5 thousand rubles, "Manage" - 55 thousand rubles. The most profitable deposits are "Save OnL @ yn" and "Save" - ​​the yield on them will be 64.5 and 62 thousand rubles. respectively.
Deposits with monthlyCapitalization of interest, they will allow you to get more income than when you withdraw interest. So, the difference in the maximum interest rates on the deposit "Recharge OnL @ yn" is 0.73% (6.85% without capitalization and 7.58% - with capitalization).
Deposits that are opened through Sberbank Online are characterized by higher interest rates. The rate for such replenishable deposits reaches 6.85% per annum (against 6.6% for classical deposits).
As for the currency of deposits, it is more profitableAre ruble. The maximum rate on dollar deposits in Sberbank is 2.15%, for ruble ones 4 times more - 8.07%. Foreign exchange deposits will be profitable if the dollar loses more than 6% per year.

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