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What is the most expensive in the world diamond

What is the most expensive in the world diamond

Brilliant - a faceted diamond, which is assessed by several parameters: the quality of the cut, clarity, color, weight in carats.

The closer the quality to perfection, the more expensive the stone.

To date, the most expensive diamond in the world is the "Pink Star", which was sold at the Geneva auction for 74 million dollars.

"Pink Star"

In 1999, on one of the South American minesDe Beers' was discovered the largest diamond weighing 132 carats. His weight was not outstanding - the history knows cases of detection of much larger stones, the largest of which, "Cullinan", weighed more than three thousand carats. After the cut, which lasted two years, there was a unique, incredibly beautiful and almost perfect pink diamond - one of the purest gems, in which almost no impurities.
In 2007, the stone was sold for an undisclosedprice, and in 2013 reappeared at an auction titled "Pink Star". The starting price was $ 60 million, and it was sold for 74 million (83, including commissions), it was a world record for the diamonds of any color and any size - the most expensive sold stone.

The price was so great that the buyerand I could not pay for the diamond. While his future fate is unknown - the stone is kept at the auction house Sothebys company, which employees negotiate with the buyer.

"Pink Count"

Second place in the list of the most expensive in the worldDiamond takes too pink stone called "Graff Pink" (named for its purchaser, Laurence Graff). Its size is half the size of "stars", about 24 carats. The stone was sold at Geneva auction in 2010 for $ 46 million.

His early history is not well known, but it has at least a few decades.

"Cullinan" and other diamonds

In fact, the previous two stone considerablyinferior to the price of the most famous, to the largest and most expensive diamonds in the world - "Kullinanu". The fact that some diamonds were never purchased, but jewelers evaluate them in hundreds of millions of dollars. "Cullinan" was the largest and most colorful of all diamond ever found, but a crack in the stone did not allow the restriction it completely, it had to be divided into several parts. The largest resulting diamond called "Great Star of Africa" ​​has a weight of 530 carats and is valued at several hundred million dollars. It is crowned by a scepter of King Edward VII and stored in the Tower. The second stone size, resulting from the "Cullinan", also differs impressive size and high price, it is stored in the same place.
Slightly smaller price - $ 350 million -It is "Hope", the famous diamond in the form of pillows, which is stored in the National Museum in Washington. The cost of stone "Century", weighing 273 carats, estimated at one hundred million dollars.

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