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WHAT is the most effective advertising

What is the most effective advertising

Advertising produced by the company supplied goods or services to increase the number of buyers and clients, it is already known to all entrepreneurs.

But until now, many still doubt what kind of advertising is the most effective and at lower cost can provide the maximum return in the form of profits from sales.

Existing forms of advertising

Outdoor advertising is placed in public placesand people in the immediate vicinity of the advertised goods, works effectively under certain conditions. Thus, the farther from the points of sale, the efficiency is smaller and the longer the resource is not updated, so it becomes accustomed to it and not paying attention. In addition, the limited possibility of placing comprehensive information about the advertised product.
Advertising on television and radio enoughexpensive, and therefore, as a rule, very concise. In addition, as shown by the marketing and social research, many of the potential buyers is very skeptical about such advertising. She them became simply annoying.
Newspapers and magazines that have their target audience,It is also quite an effective way to draw attention to "his" buyer. This ad does not switch the touch of a button, such as that placed on television or radio. In addition, in a newspaper ad, you can put all the information that will give consumers a complete picture of the product.
According to surveys, one of the most effectiveforms of advertising today is advertising on the Internet. Its cost is not as high as the television and the existing possibility to tie it to search queries greatly increases the effectiveness of placing advertisements. But the effectiveness of different types of Internet advertising is not the same.

Banners and pop-ups on websites, contrary to the expectations of advertisers, looks small number of users: only 25 and 13%, respectively.

Win-win options for online advertising

Studies now in AdfusionUSA, showed that one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet are news articles that contain information about a particular brand of product or brand. These articles are browsing and carefully read more than half of respondents. The second performance was sending promotional material by e-mail, browsing them almost 47% of users.

Polls show that Russians trust in traditional forms of advertising declines, the most serious arguments in favor of the purchase of a product are the reviews-recommendations.

But recently, social networking, gamingthe role of "word of mouth", approved by the rapidly as one of the most effective advertising platforms. Viral and hidden advertising, which exists in the form of user reviews that are not relevant to the advertised brand is the greatest trust of potential buyers.

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