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What language is the most difficult of the world

What is the most difficult language in the world

Often the most difficult languages ​​of the world are called Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, although scientists are more inclined to the Basque language, as it has no relationship with others.

A majority of linguists argue that it makes no sense to find out what language is more difficult for the various nations there are various difficulties in learning foreign tongues.

Linguists believe that we can not clearly answerthe question of which language is the most difficult. The answer to this will depend on the native language of the human mind, by other factors. For example, the Russian language with its complicated grammar and trudnovygovarivaemymi words seems easy for the other Slavic nations, but the British or the Americans it is difficult for.

Although neuroscientists can bet they say that there are languages ​​that do not take the even carriers, such as Chinese or Arabic.

In addition, the language - a complex system consisting ofseveral parts, including writing or phonetics. There are languages ​​with phonetic structure, a variety of different sounds, sound combinations trudnoproizonosimyh, complex melodies and intonations. Other more simple sounding, languages ​​may differ confusing and difficult to grasp writing system.

The most difficult language in the world

This title is very controversial, but many scientistsof the opinion that the most difficult to study foreign language - it is Basque. He is not a member of the same language family, that is, is not akin to any known group of languages, even the dead. That is, for a person of any nationality, he will be difficult to grasp.
The Guinness Book of Records the most difficult languagescalled language Haida Indian tribe living in North America, adverb Chippewa Indian, Eskimo, Chinese and Tabasaran, which is spoken by a group of people in Dagestan.

The most difficult languages ​​to writing point of view,

There is no doubt thatideographic writing is more difficult to grasp than the phonetic: that is difficult to study the system of hieroglyphs or ideograms, denoting different concepts than the alphabet consisting of a certain number of characters that correspond to sounds. From this point of view one of the most difficult Japanese language can be called: writing not just its hieroglyphic, also consists of three systems, two of which phonetic. That is necessary to learn a huge range of characters borrowed from Chinese (but, unlike the Chinese, the Japanese did not bother to simplify the writing of complex ancient characters), and syllabaries Katakana and Hiragana, and in addition, it is necessary to define the cases in which a letter is required use.

Chinese also has a hieroglyphic script, therefore posing some difficulties for students.

The most difficult languages ​​in terms of phonetics

The sound of the Japanese language, on the contrary, can not becalled complex: it consists of a set of syllables, which are very similar in pronunciation to the Russian sounds, although may be some difficulties for other foreigners. The Chinese language is more complicated: it uses those sounds that do not exist in many other languages. From the standpoint of Russian pronunciation is also considered difficult: some sounds "p" and "s" are many.
But linguists have called the most complicated on phoneticsMarby language - one dead adverb equatorial island nation, which used hissing, growling sounds, tweet and even prischelkivanie fingers.

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