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What is the most dangerous sharks to humans

Shark - Predator of the order of cartilaginous fish

For the reputation of sharks dangerous and ruthless marine predators, and in many ways this is true.

But of the more than 360 species of fish in these "cannibals" the reputation only four.


how to deal with the sharks
Superiority of unprovoked attacks hold four species - the white shark, shark, bull, tiger shark, and whitetip shark.

The probability of a fatal meeting with a shark is extremely low - 1 in 3.7 million. For comparison, deaths at the careless handling of pyrotechnics ten times more likely.

White shark, or karharodon - the leader in the number ofRegistered attacks. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) with 1580 karharodon made 272 attacks on humans, of which 74 ended in death. The white shark is one of the largest predatory fish - its average length is 4.5 meters. Save images shark head, caught in 1987, the length of the body which - 6.45 meters.
Bull shark, bull shark or shares first place withkarharodonom. Official only 92 cases, deaths - 26. However, experts believe that there are many more, as the bull shark inhabits the coasts of Africa and India, where attacks on humans are not registered. Shark-Bull, despite the relatively small size - 3.5 meters, is dangerous because it often goes up the rivers. Shark found in the Zambezi, the Ganges and many other African and Indian rivers. Do not confuse a bull shark and totally harmless Australian bull shark.
The tiger shark or leopard shark takesthird place. FLMNH reports hundred attacks in the 16th century, 29 of them - lethal. The average body length - 5 m and weighs 400 to 650 kg. Shark prevalent in almost all tropical and subtropical waters.

Man is not a desired food for sharks. These predators prefer more fatty meat. All unprovoked attacks - a consequence of errors in determining the production.

Closes the four most dangerous fishwhitetip shark gray - medium-sized predator in length from 1.5 to 3 meters, the majority of attacks which left documentary evidence. The statistics FLMNH their only means 10. Oceanic white sharks are not dangerous at the shore, but it is believed that the high seas are capable of attacking the researchers and the victims of shipwrecks.


What is the biggest shark
In addition to these, there are several typessharks are dangerous to humans, although much smaller. These include hammerheads, mako shark, temnoperuyu, Galapagos, silk, blue and lemon sharks.
All these species - large carnivores, and meeting with themin their hunting areas it may end tragically, but it happens very rarely. For example, of the 17 reported cases of assault fish-hammer, according to the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, none resulted in death.

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