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As the most ancient musical instrument


What is the most ancient musical instrument?</a>

It is impossible to say exactly which musical instrument was the first in the history of mankind.

Up to now, not all information about the musical preferences of ancient people, in addition, in different regions of the world simultaneously appeared various musical instruments.

The oldest found musical instrument

Ancient Greek legend tells that the firstThe musical instrument was created by the god Pan, who was walking in the forest by the river, tore the reeds and started to blow it. It turned out that the cane can produce a charming sound, which formed into beautiful melodies. Pan cut several branches of reeds and connected them together, creating the first instrument - the prototype of a flute.
Thus, the ancient Greeks believed that the firstMusical instrument was a flute. Perhaps, it is - at least, this is the oldest tool fixed by the researchers. His most ancient specimen was found in southern Germany, in the Holi Fels cave, where excavations of a prehistoric human settlement are being conducted. In total, three flutes were found in this place, carved from the mammoth's tusk and having several holes. Also, archaeologists discovered fragments that, apparently, belonged to the same flutes. Radiocarbon analysis helped to determine the age of these instruments, and the oldest was dated to the 40th millennium BC. While this is the most ancient tool that was found on Earth, but perhaps other specimens simply did not survive to this day.

Similar flutes and pipes were found on the territory of Hungary and Moldova, but they were made in the 25-22 millennium BC.

Candidates for the title of the most ancient musical instruments

While the flute is considered the oldestMusical instrument, it is possible, in fact the first was a drum or any other device. For example, the Australian aborigines are confident that their national instrument called the didgeridoo is the oldest, its history goes back to the depth of the history of the indigenous population of this continent, which, according to scientists, is from 40 to 70 thousand years old. Thus, it is entirely possible that didgeridoo is indeed the oldest tool. It represents an impressive piece of the trunk of eucalyptus, in some cases reaching three meters in length, with a hollow core, eaten by termites.

Since didgeridu are always cut from different trunks with different shapes, their sounds are never repeated.

The oldest found drums are dated all overThe fifth millennium BC, but scientists believe that this is one of the most likely candidates for the title of the first musical instrument. About its long history speak as a great variety of types of modern drums and their almost ubiquitous prevalence, and a simple and uncomplicated design that would allow even the most ancient ancestors of people to play melodies with the help of simple adaptations. In addition, it is proved that in many cultures drum music was a very important part of life: it accompanied all the holidays, weddings, funerals, wars.

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