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What is the minimum amount of maintenance

What is the minimum amount of maintenance

The minimum amount of maintenance is one-quarter of the permanent income, other income parents.

This amount is determined by family law for those parents who carry the duty to maintain a child.

Maintenance obligations of parents towardshis children settled Chapter 13 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation. It also establishes specific dimensions of the relevant payments, which are usually paid in shares in relation to the permanent income parents. The minimum amount of support for each depends on the number of children who are brought up in the family. Thus, the smallest share of personal income parents will have to pay if there is a minor child, as in this case, the payout will be only one quarter of the wages, and other types of income taken into account in the appointment of child support. If a family has two children, the proportion of payments will account for one-third, and when three or more children - half of the income.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of child support?

The above-mentioned share of permanent incomeParents are only the general rule, which can be changed in the proceedings before the court. The judge in the particular circumstances of the case may reduce or increase the percentage of earnings that will be paid as alimony. In addition, the court has the right to appoint payments in lump sums. However, in practice, judicial decisions often called fixed it above the method of calculating periodic payments for the maintenance of their children. Solution downward may only be accepted in those cases when the parent has a high yield. In this case, even a quarter of a month's salary will be a huge amount, so in the judgment particular payout can be fixed.

Is it possible to set the size of the alimony agreement?

Named head of the Family Code allowsparents conclude an agreement on the amount of child support, which is a priority in comparison with the amount determined by the legislation. But such agreement is usually in order to increase the level of material well-being of children, so the coordination smaller deductions size than indicated in the share of the law, it is unlikely. If the agreement is fixed too low amount of maintenance, the concerned parent may appeal the said contract in court. In this case, the method of calculation, the amount of deductions for the benefit of children to be determined by a judgment which shall be made taking into account all the circumstances, the interests of each side.

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