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What is the maximum number of points for the exam

What is the maximum number of points for the exam

The maximum possible number of points for a unified state exam is one hundred units.

However, initially the work of each graduate is estimated to be primary points, the maximum amount which can range from thirty-seven to eighty.

The results of the unified state exam inour country for all graduates are valued at a special scale, which is the maximum value for each exam is one hundred points. These points are test or final, but immediately after the inspection and evaluation of the work they are not exposed. Initially, the results of each pupil assessed in the primary score, the maximum amount of which is from thirty-seven to eighty. To convert the primary points in the test, a special procedure called scaling. This procedure takes into consideration the statistical data obtained as a result of the unified state exam for this year, which has a direct impact on the final number of test points.

What are the primary points of the unified state exam?

The first test of the unifiedstate examination in any subject of the graduate work is estimated to be primary points. Each answer in the exam has certain coefficient, which depends on the number of points, exposed for the correct assignments. Direct addition of these points allows you to get a certain number of initial points. Their maximum value is different for each subject, so the single largest number of initial points does not exist. According to various disciplines of the maximum amount varies between 37-80 units, with a particular value can be found in the performance of the test version of the unified state exam.

As the primary points are transferred to the test?

Primary points earned in graduateby delivery of the unified state exam in a specific discipline, translated into test scores by using a special technique called scaling. Test scores differ significantly from the initial points, these values ​​should not be confused, because the student has a crucial number dialed test scores are taken into account in the further admission to educational institutions for the profession. For each subject, their maximum value is common, is one hundred units. scaling procedure involves consideration of statistical examination of data and transfer of primary points in a test using special rules.

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