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What is the market

What is the market

The economy entered its terminology firmly inmodern life, even schoolchildren can easily operate the conceptual apparatus, to use in the speech of the word "business", "market" and so forth. However, some categories have complicated semantics, and therefore frequent and errors in vocabulary.

Economist Juan de Matenso back to the 16th century tried to describe the phenomenon, which later in the economic theory of naming received market.

Market, according to modern views,is the niche that a company can take on the open market to distribute their products and services. By territorial market can be:
- Local,
- Regional,
- National,
- World.
There is also a division between internal and external markets, working with its own products and imports, respectively.
By sharing facilities (trade items) are the following markets:
- The means of production,
- Goods and services,
- Financial,
- intellectual property.

The consumer as a source of income

Market any goods or services orientedfour types of consumers. The first type is the consumers who purchase the products and use the services of the same company. The second - users of products and services that use that offer competing firms. The third type of consumers are people who have an idea of ​​the various proposals of different companies, but do not use them. A fourth type consists of consumers who have no idea about the products and services that offer businesses.
Each company or each different manufacturerproducts tries to make everything possible to promote their proposals and make a profit. For the continuous development and generate more income you need to attract new customers and maintain the interest of their regular customers. This is why you need to study marketing characteristics of the market sales in different territorial types.

Market volume

For sales market is characterized by such features asmarket capacity. It represents the number of products and services that can be sold in a particular market for a set time period. Market capacity may vary. It depends on the demand for different products and services. In the period of high demand market capacity increases. It decreases when the demand for products and services is reduced.
In order to attract customers to theirproposals, different companies use all sorts of methods, the most famous of which - advertising. Advertising gives you the opportunity to make goods and services more visible and sold in a particular area of ​​the market sales. Before products hit the market, companies conduct market research to determine the place where their products will be most popular among consumers of different categories. This is called marketing analysis to the study of consumer demand.

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