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WHAT is the market


What is the market </a>

The economy with its terminology has firmlyModern life, even schoolchildren easily operate on the conceptual apparatus, using the words "business", "market", etc. in the speech. However, some of the categories have complex semantics, and therefore errors in vocabulary are not uncommon.

Economist Juan de Matienco in the 16th century tried to describe a phenomenon that later in the economic theory received the name of the market.

Market sales, according to modern views,Represents the niche that a company can borrow in the open market to distribute its services and products. On a territorial basis, the market can be:
- local,
- regional,
- national,
- world.
There is also a division into internal and external sales markets, working with own product and import, respectively.
The following markets distinguish objects of exchange (trade objects):
- means of production,
- goods and services,
- financial,
- intellectual property.

Consumer as a source of profit

The market for any goods and services is orientedOn four types of consumers. The first type includes consumers who purchase products and use the services of the same company. To the second - users of products and services, using what the firms-competitors offer. The third type of consumers are people who have an idea about the various offers of different companies, but do not use them. The fourth type is made up of consumers who have no idea about the products and services that firms offer.
Each company or each manufacturer of differentProducts tries to take all that is possible to promote their proposals and make a profit. For constant development and getting more income, it is necessary to attract new consumers and maintain interest among our regular customers. For this purpose it is necessary to study marketing features of a market sale in different territorial kinds.

Market volume

For market distribution, a feature is typical ofMarket capacity. It is the quantity of products and services that can be sold in a particular market for the time period that is set. The capacity of the market can vary. It depends on the demand for various products and services. In the period of increased demand, market capacity is increasing. It decreases in the case when the demand for products and services is reduced.
In order to attract clients to theirVarious companies use all sorts of methods, the most famous of which is advertising. Advertising makes it possible to make goods and services more visible and sold in a particular area of ​​market distribution. Before the goods go on sale, companies conduct market research to determine the places where their products will be most in demand among consumers of different categories. This is called marketing analysis with the study of consumer demand.

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