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What is the magnetic force of religion to modern man

What is the magnetic force of religion to modern man

The world is very difficult.

The diversity of the phenomena of the human reality can be very difficult to find a place, a foothold and purpose in life.

And while some seek the support of God and looking for a way in religion.

What is attractive religious faith for the modern man?

In search of life support

Probably everyone sooner or later, giventhe question about the meaning of his life. For some, it is to devote more time to his family, taking care of loved ones. Others try to find my purpose in the service of society, the interests of other people and the fulfillment of duty to the state. But there are also those for whom the meaning of life becomes a service to God.

The search for God in the outside world and itself become the goal of life for man, filling it with value and a deep moral sense.

In order not to get lost in a rapidly changinga world filled with the maelstrom of events, people certainly need clear guidance. In the old days, when a number of countries dominated by communist ideology, such a reference point was the idea of ​​building a society based on universal equality. Alas, this idea failed. Deprived of a strong foothold in life, many people are happy to have found a replacement, turning toward religion.
Turning to religion, a person tries to answerthe most pressing issues related not only to himself but also to society as a whole. What is good and evil? What is the cause of human suffering? How to get rid of the fear and uncertainty of tomorrow existence? Spirituality draws that gives quite clear answers, not only for these, but also on other similar issues.

Religion in the life of modern man

For the modern civilized man religionIt becomes a kind of outlet, a place where he could escape from the everyday troubles. Coming to the church, the believer finds confidence that any problem was given to him over as a test. Communion with God empowers, so necessary in the fight against misery and deprivation.
The Christian religion says that Godlies love. A person who is deprived of his daily life kind and considerate attitude towards themselves, it's nice to know that somewhere beyond earthly existence is the one who loves him and sincerely wished him well-being.

Faith in the divine unconditional love attracts and inspires the hope that one day, even in the distant future, people will be able to find happiness.

Turning to God helps modern manto cope with the fear of imminent departure to the other world. Religion claims as an indisputable fact that life on earth - is only part of the road that passes the soul in its eternal existence. We just need to persevere to make the data more than the test behave righteously, and then your soul will be assured salvation and immortality. This soothing and pacifying the idea attracts millions of people.

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