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What is Sharia

What is Sharia

Islam, or rather - Islam - is one of the common world religions.

Today, almost every country inhabited by Muslims, who not only live, observing certain rules, but often very active in promoting their religious ideals.

Religious norms of Islam prescribed in the dormSharia, which is sort of guidance on how to live a devout Muslim. From the Arab word "Sharia" is translated as "trodden the road to the water." The water in this case - it is a pure soul, and blessed the Orthodox world after death, the road to this "water" is often difficult, but the brighter life "in the arms of God."


Fumbles came as Muslims believe in thosea time when Allah sent His prophets to Earth, so they sent people to the right path. Prophet named Muhammad is the last of these, it is most revered in Islam. That he left the Sharia for people to study it and to live as the Lord tells them.
Interestingly, in contrast to the biblical textsfor Christians, sharia law for Muslims have actual legal effect. People can not change the terms of punishment for offenses, because they are prescribed by the Lord of the punishment modern people seem savage, but those who keep the laws of Sharia, follow them unquestioningly, chopping off hands for theft or scoring the stones of treachery or betrayal.
Law Documents are not simplycollection of prohibitions, laws, instructions, a description of the penalties of living conditions, they show the moral path that must pass believer in order to present the face of Allah overeaten unblemished worthy of his grace. Sharia law, even by today's standards keep objective moral and ethical rules governing virtually every aspect of life. It regulates the rules that are associated with family life, commerce, criminal cases by the courts, hereditary legal relations, religious tolerance and intolerance, and so forth.


All the actions of people in the Shari'ah is divided into fivecategories and are governed by Shariah norms. The first category are the things that are called "mandatory." They should be performed by every Muslim with good intentions, only in this case it will be followed by a reward for them.
The next category are those the actions of people, which are called "recommended." They should make, but not necessarily.
The largest number of acts classified as "permitted". Users can perform them, but the reward or punishment is not necessary to wait for them.
The two categories under the 'disapproved' names and"Forbidden" include acts which do not perform, in order to avoid punishment. Every action is estimated on the basis of that, with what intentions people he committed. All the features of rewards and punishments prescribed in the Sharia in some detail. Muslims are studying them for years and they know by heart.

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